Living the Uncalculated Life

Another neat Alan Watts vid:

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Look Who I Just Found!

I recently found that there’s a large number of videos on YouTube about Alan Watts speaking Truth to some relaxing music.  Here’s an example (I’m hoping to post more on him in the future); enjoy!

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How to Defeat the System Yourself

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Bury Your Problems!

Team Fearless:

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The day that nearly ended war.

With Remembrance/Veterans Day coming up again this year, it was actually last year’s Dr. Who Christmas Special that has convinced me to make this post.

Did you know that WWI almost ended over Christmas in 1914, because the soldiers on all sides decided to take the day off to celebrate Christmas together?

If you were taught that in history class, I suspect it was probably pretty glossed over.  Likely, the true importance of this “Christmas Armistice” was never delved into.


WWI would’ve ended then and there.  Imagine that?!  Not only that, but that could’ve prevented WWII from taking place as well.

Imagine the kind of World we’d be living in today, if those soldiers decided to stop fighting altogether all those years ago….

Perhaps, if we celebrated this year’s Remembrance/Veterans Day by NOT supporting whatever war(s) your nation is trying to get you to fight in by whatever means you can muster — might that be the best way to honour that day, if you’re a soldier or other kind of military person?

Instead of helping your government initiate wars without knowing fully why, just stay home and direct your energies towards defending your home (and homeland) from anyone who tries to take your liberties and securities away from you.

If you find yourself attending a Remembrance Day ceremony, while talk of how vile war is for Humanity is being talked about then might I suggest you ponder on how the best way to deal with that would be to have our own “Christmas Armistice” and actually make it permanent this time?

Food for thought….

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Find a bigger mountain…

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Everyone Needs To Hear This!

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Become Someone…

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Tough times…

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Play the cards you’re dealt.

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