1984 Action Day

Song of the Week (31)

Good Coldplay song for the No CCTV Action Day happening today:

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1984actionday 2014

1984actionday 2014.

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EFF: Tor needs your help!

As part of the whole Reset the Net thing that started on June 5th (still not too late to partake, by the way), why not help Tor out, who is facing ever greater attacks on its systems by bought-and-paid-for governments, by running a relay for them, or doing whatever you can to help them out.
I’m sure they’ll thank you for it.
Oh! And check out the DuckDuckGo main page today!
DuckDuckGo Reset the Net
Apparently, there’s also a ‘1984 Action Day’ going on June 8th, so if you’re looking for a day to do any number of these things, then why not on that day..

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tomfernandez28's Blog

8th June is 1984 Action Day – Everywhere!
8th June is 1984 Action Day – Everywhere!

Get out there and do something on or around 8th June. This day is for YOU to do something, anything, to challenge the surveillance society and have some fun. Action ideas at the websites below. Do get in touch and tell us what you have planned. And feel free to send us at No CCTV photos or videos of what you do – as anonymously as you like!

Visit: no-cctv.org.uk/action_1984_actionday.asp

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