“Beatless,” and my two cents on androids…

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Beatless is a newly-released Anime involving very human-like robots and how Japan has culturally evolved because of it.  In particular, the concept of “analog hacking” is prevalent.

Analog hacking is, essentially, the act of an individual, or a group, applying human psychology to control the behaviour of whole crowds of people at any given time.  In other words, this is basically a form of social engineering.  I think Beatless represents an early-stage of what I expect to have happen sometime in the near future (see below).

Certain circles have recently been conversing about humanoid robots — including the ever-popular “sex bot.”  What follows is my own take on the matter…:

What are the chances that an android who becomes sufficiently “intelligent” may become self-aware, and on top of that what is the likelihood that they will turn against their human “creators”?

The answer to the above is refreshingly simple, but has two unique directions:  If these androids are coded so as to make anti-human behaviour virtually impossible, then even potentially self-aware androids should be reliably devoid of malignant behaviour.  However, if we code our androids to behave as much like real humans as possible then, yes, the Terminator option does become a potential possibility.  Thus, if we want to avoid the latter, then we must adhere to the former.

Now for the “other” point of contention…:  How will humanoid robots affect relations between men and women?  Again, the answer is fairly straight-forward although it requires a wordy response.

If one can fully understand the World that Feminism and Globalism have given humanity, socially and politically, then one can easily-enough determine the outcome(s) resulting from these ultimately ruinous ideologies.  Feminism, by practice, places distrust between men and women, and Globalism, by practice, places distrust between any two given demographics of humanity.  In other words, the Powers That Be are trying to pit each individual against the rest of humanity so that the Powers themselves can actually rule the World.

What does this mean for near-future androids?  These androids, particularly when programmed as I noted above to ensure Terminators are virtually impossible, will logically become man’s new “best friend.”  Because such androids can be trusted never to fuck a human owner over, once these androids become affordable enough then be prepared for such beings to nearly fly off the shelves.

In particular, look for gynoids — I’ll call them “waifu-bots” — to be especially profitable.  Since men are the butt-end of both Feminism and Globalism, whatever can provide them with a reliable escape from these two ideologies will be seized at fervently.  That said, also look for laws to be urged that prevent men’s ownership of these waifu-bots because the Powers cannot allow anyone to escape their shit.

Thus, any nation that freely allows waifu-bots to be owned will, if the above comes to pass, become the World’s next superpower as men are likely to emigrate there in droves.  Another possibility is that such laws will break the male camels’ backs, and men generally will refuse to follow those laws.  Other nations later on this bandwagon will then be hesitant to do the same, and so may allow waifu-bots to be owned as a “lesser of two evils.”  Or, these waifu-bots may soon be built human-like enough as to be virtually indistinguishable from real humans at a glance.

Android equivalents to the waifu-bots cannot be expected to sell as well, since the “perfect man” requires far more traits to suit women than a “perfect woman” requires to suit a man.  A waifu-bot need only do all domestic and motherly duties (if needed), provide their man feminine companionship, and be ever-ready to be sexed-up when the man desires it.  On the other hand, the male-to-female equivalent would require the android to make a shit-ton of money, be infamous, exceptionally good-looking, be chivalrous, and otherwise be specifically attuned to the woman who buys him and her unique desires.  If such androids could be built, expect them to be laughably expensive.

As such, in the end the explosion of waifu-bots is likely to spell the end of Feminism at the least and perhaps even Globalism as well.  Women who really wish to partner up with a man will need to out-compete these waifu-bots, and as such will need to be able to perform the waifu-bots’ duties better than those bots ever could.  That means these women cannot afford to behave in anyway what they currently do, and for some even traditionalism will simply not do.  Eventually, the rise of sufficiently advanced robots may coax the demise of the global tyranny and so return humanity to a more amiable system wherein humans can interrelate amicably once again.

Currently, sex dolls and sex bots are the outlets of the day for those men most affected by the present systems of control.  However, these options are not ideal enough to warrant their flying off the shelves (though this industry is already billions of dollars strong).  They allow these men enough freedom from tyranny as to make the current systems tolerable, but again these sex objects aren’t yet at the threshold beyond which these men may be able to unplug from full-on human interaction altogether.

This is, of course, the incovenient truth as I see it; barring any significant change in the timeline as I see it, one can probably expect a lot of men to exit this social carnage with a MGTOW mentality while more and more women find out the only way to out-compete man’s waifu-bots is to relinquish their feminist freedoms and furthermore allow themselves to become second-class citizens such that many Muslim women nowadays could start to blush by comparison.  As much as this sucks outright for women, the inconvenient truth is that this is how human societies can ever hope to prosper without also falling into ruin.

Ancient Rome fell victim to what we are currently facing, and fell soon after as a result of it; thus, we can expect a global, total, collapse soon enough and whenever we do re-emerge from it we can then expect a return to what we had during the Dark Ages and what many Muslim nations currently see in regard to male-female relations.

OR…, we can all raise our awareness and vibrations thereby understanding a means by which we can all live peacefully together, and prosperously, without resorting to any means of control.  That way, we may leave this vicious cycle without ever fearing returning to this cycle itself.  It IS possible, but to make it possible means revolutionizing one’s own mindset — the most difficult thing in the entire Universe to ever possibly do!

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“Shimoneta” and the importance of getting dirty.

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Shimoneta takes place in a future Japan where the State has outlawed all forms of indecency, to the point where most citizens don’t even know how babies are made.  This is all upheld strictly, via the use of Orwellian telescreen-like devices worn around everyone’s necks.  Law-breakers are swiftly dealt with by a kind of Thought Police force.  Enter Blue Snow, and her endless quest (with other thought criminal-type people) to upend the current paradigm in her city….

Through all the innuendos and euphemisms regarding sex and other “dirty” aspects, this Anime is, fundamentally (I think), about Freedom of Speech and what it really means to have this liberty in a truly free country.

As Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, injustice anywhere threatens justice everywhere.  Nowadays, Political Correctness prevents those not wanting to step outside the line from saying something they may feel needs saying if saying so happens to fall under “hate speech” — whether in part or in full.  Not being able to freely say something, or write it down, regardless of how verifiably hateful or uncouth it is, is one giant step towards tyranny.  Most, if not all, Western nations have already long since taken that step.

Taboo, the innocent-looking little sister to this, is a far smaller first step that allows that larger step to be taken far more easily.  If certain concepts cannot freely be expressed in public, or around children, then the means to eliminating Freedom of Speech becomes a walk in the park since it can be seized from us in the name of taboo and greater civility.  It won’t do for an adult to say “fuck you” to a six year-old girl, but for the sake of Freedom of Speech it must always be allowed by society — the perpetrator cannot be punished for it.  Otherwise, be prepared to enter into another brutal tyranny, where you’re not allowed even to have a blog without the State’s say-so, sooner or later.

Don’t scoff…, it’s currently fixing to happen.

Of course, with real liberty comes real responsibility.  Just because you can say something doesn’t always mean you should.  That saying about sticks, stones, and words is true, but only for those who have learnt to protect themselves against hurtful words.  As someone who has done this, I can say personally that such an act is an art, of sorts, requiring years of practice not giving a shit what others say about you.  It’s not something everyone, not even the majority, can master.  That said, just because the Average Joe is largely unable to harden their heart to name-calling and what-not doesn’t mean these Joe’s can force those of us who hold great importance to our Freedom of Speech to just give that right up for them.  There’s a workable remedy to this apparent conundrum:  Use your own Freedom of Speech to return to a given bully or mad-man the verbal barrage they tried to foist upon a given hapless victim.  The bullying stops, sooner than later, and individual liberties are upheld.  Everyone wins!

As much as President Trump is just another mask on the same face that wore Obama and Bush before him, at least his willingness to say whatever comes to his mind at the time is honourable to this end.  It’s his only good selling point, though, as far as I see (but still…).

More Trump’s, and more George Carlin’s, are welcome:  Enough people saying what they want to say may be one viable path towards reversing the ever-marching agenda of the Powers that Be right now.  Peacefully overloading the System, somehow, is what’s needed here, and already Shimoneta has provided a very doable, comedic solution for us.



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The True reason for #MeToo?

Amid all the turds being flung about for the sake of #MeToo, this man, I think, gets down to the truth of the matter…:

Makes sense to me, anyway….

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A Libertarian Princess? In Anime?!

You better believe it!

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Above is Alisha Diphda from “Tales of Zestiria (the X),” and she was arguably the best part of that Anime show — sorry, Sorey! (pun intended)

Sure, she’s friggin’ beautiful but that’s not why she makes the show….

What does it mean to be a “Libertarian”?

Absolute minimal government, law, and bureaucracy, primary focus on individual freedoms being maximized, and major tenets including free-market economics, state control primarily at the municipal level, a citizen’s militia instead of a standing army, and ideals such as the Golden Rule, the Non-aggression Principle, and the Principle of Self-governance constitute the majority of what it “means” to be a Libertarian (mind, the label “Libertarian” is quite broad and thus there are Libertarians who do not abide by all of the above).  Well-known Libertarians include Ron Paul and Stefan Molyneux.

Back to Alisha:

Alisha’s a princess, but she doesn’t stay behind the walls of her palace and selfishly reap the benefits of high-status (unlike other residents of that same palace); she knows that’s a terrible way to “serve her people,” as she (rightly) feels she should; she also can see what her palace contemporaries are doing (bureaucracy…) and knows it’s wrong.  Instead, she goes out there; she walks and talks with the citizens, tries to help them out anyway she can, and can be seen at the front of her army the odd time she actually has to fight.  She can also hold her own well both in politics and in combat.  Her views on war are outstanding; she will NEVER send an army out to initiate a fight, but instead she repeatedly orders her troops to defend and only to fight if provoked by the enemy (ie, the Non-aggression Principle).

Despite all the odds against her, she stay true to herself which is certainly the best part about her.  With “Izetta: The Last Witch” debuting last year, Princess Ortfine of Eylstadt can also be considered a “Libertarian-esque” Anime protagonist (who also happens to be a princess)!

Anyway…, “Zestiria” is definitely worth watching for many of the reasons why “Symphogear” would be worth watching.  There’s a fair amount of insight into the Evils of our World, as well as some insight into what Good people can do about it.


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You should watch “Symphogear”

Senki Zesshou Symphogear is just another magical girl-type Anime — on the surface.  But, it quickly turns out to be a lot more than that once one starts watching it.

It’s all about fighting against the Forces of Evil all-the-while staying Human, and the nature of the Evil in Symphogear is very relevant regarding real-world events and the real significance of occult symbolism than its “Sci-Fi” label would imply.

Symphogear has the best of both worlds in an animated cartoon show otherwise meant for young girls:  It illuminates the nature of the enemy (alien beings with metaphysical form that think ill of Mankind on Earth), while offering the only humane means of dealing with said beings (coming together through the power of love and song, to break-up the “Noise” conjured by these beings’ corruption of Humans).  As a result, this show is actually well worth the watch for anyone who wants to make a difference in this World.

And this is reason I do my “Song of the Week”!  It is important that songs capable of resonating with Human hearts be sent out across the globe, because meaningful songs can change lives for the better; when those songs are sent with love, the effect is even more powerful.

Crunchyroll appears not to have this particular Anime on file…, but Kissanime does!

Symphogear AXZ is currently being released, and as of right now only two episodes are out….

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Words don’t kill people — JudgyBitch

We’re all familiar with the free speech counter argument – you can’t yell fire in a crowded theater – which is regularly used to justify further limits on the things you can say and the things you can’t say. The reason you can’t yell Fire! in a crowded theater is because it’s reasonable to expect…

via Words don’t kill people — JudgyBitch

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5 Times Corporate Media Got Caught Publishing Fake News Causing the Death & Suffering of Millions — tomfernandez28’s Blog

BY CLAIRE BERNISH A now-notorious list of ostensibly “fake” news sites — created by a liberal professor, seemingly out of thin air — spread like wildfire online in the past two days and was eagerly reprinted by corporate media presstitutes hoping to vindicate their own failed reporting on the 2016 election. But branding perfectly legitimate […]

via 5 Times Corporate Media Got Caught Publishing Fake News Causing the Death & Suffering of Millions — tomfernandez28’s Blog

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IF PEOPLE WILL DO THIS OVER A TV . . . — tomfernandez28’s Blog

via IF PEOPLE WILL DO THIS OVER A TV . . . — tomfernandez28’s Blog

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The most important thing to remember on Election Day…

Donald Trump won’t make things better for America…  He just can’t.

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The Saga Continues…

…to stop the TPP in its tracks.

Follow the links below to make your voice heard, and perhaps chip in a bit for the sake of FFTF and their work!

Click here to share this petition on Facebook.

Click here to share this petition on Twitter.

Cheers!  🙂  (:


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