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Debateball ~ gun laws

*This is for TowerofBuckets*
~This should be fun…~
My view on guns and gun control are thus:
>SHORT VERSION: I’m against gun control of any form (anyone can own a gun, so long as they are trained in how to operate guns — tasers and/or pepper spray, with the relevant training, for kids).
It obviously doesn’t *just* do to say the ‘SHORT VERSION’ in regards to gun control — especially when this post is supposed to be for a rational debate ring…
Therefor, it is necessary to go through as many aspects of this gun control thing as possible (without turning the post into a novel).
Some logical reasoning, first…
It is perhaps intuitive to think that if we just banned guns outright, then nobody could get their hands on a gun, and thus no gun violence could be committed. That’s the thought, anyway, I presume.
If that’s the case, then why to we insist that police officers, soldiers, and government protection agents be armed?
Because some maniac could commit an act of violence on an innocent or important person?
But the maniac, theoretically, won’t be using a gun, so perhaps he’s wielding a knife?
That’s all fine and dandy, though — make sure those entrusted with the protection of others have the ability to protect them. Of course, one of the most effective tools to that end is a gun. (right?)
But why must we prevent the citizens from acquiring firearms for that same reason of protection?
Because we can’t be trusted to be honest about our use of the firearm? Then why trust the authorities?
Because they must go through serious training? Then why not send EVERYONE through that training, if it means ensuring guns don’t end up in criminals’ hands?
And what about shootings? All those guns are sure to not end well…
How so? That a shooting war will all-of-a-sudden break out in a theatre because one idiot with a gun decided to shoot up the place? Would YOU do that, if you owned a firearm and you were carrying in that theatre when the idiot showed up? Say the whole theatre is filled with people just like you; if you wouldn’t go trigger-happy in such a situation, then why would a whole theatre full of men and women like you do the same?
In fact, there is solid evidence to *suggest* that a nation full of men and women like that; who are carrying a firearm, are sane, and know how to use it; will result in a nation wherein crime of most kinds is VIRTUALLY NON-EXISTENT.
Our teasing first-look into this fact lies with the country of Switzerland:
It turns out that the Swiss gun-crime rate is SO LOW that stats on it AREN’T EVEN KEPT ANYMORE.
It turns out, as per the links above, that the reason why this is the case is because Swiss citizens are encouraged to own a firearm and to go through the mandatory training on how to use it. Males are required to enter the militia (Switzerland has no standing army), and so inevitably learn how to operate a firearm properly. That being said, one still cannot own a gun in Switzerland without a permit, and open carry is largely only done by police and security officers.
But it still gives us a fair-enough glimpse into what a society filled with gun-toting citizens would actually be like.
The third reason, apart from the two above, that convinces me of my position on guns is the behaviour of criminal-minded people.
Contrary to popular belief, criminals, bullies, and tyrants DON’T think like we ‘normal’ people do.
That’s what makes them the way they are..
Evidence of this can be found in the logic of it ~ Would YOU go around raping and pillaging and committing violent acts on random innocent strangers? Even if there were no laws whatsoever forbidding it? I certainly hope not…
Other evidence can be found in studies done on such people..
Studies about criminals and gun control are understandably conflicting in conclusions (depending on the views of the authors and the evidence they collect):
The first study link admits that hardened criminals may likely ignore gun control laws, and get their hands on a gun anyway to commit a gun-crime, yet still insists that gun-control is effective — despite the real-life example of Switzerland to the contrary.
Ultimately, as with all things Science, it’s up to you the Reader to determine the truth among the ‘evidence’ for yourself. Do your own research…
From all I’ve come across, a nation full of open-carrying citizens would instill an air of etiquette in public, because knowing that everyone around you is likely carrying a gun, and will likely use it to deter violence, will make even most criminals think twice about doing anything really stupid (like shooting someone).
Or not…?
Bonus: The Second Amendment.
There are conflicting reasons as to why the Founding Fathers added the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. People more in my bracket of the internet agree it’s to allow the people to fight a tyrannical government — THEIR tyrannical government — and I see the merit in that. Other brackets may prefer the one, with seemingly equal evidence for it, that it was put in to KEEP a tyrannical government — that of the Founding Fathers — in place.
Again, do your own research and develop your own conclusions on the matter.. For me, though, the 2nd Amendment doesn’t factor into my mindset on gun control. Reality as I see it, does.
And reality as I see it requires a citizenry capable of warding off criminals, both on the streets and in parliament. Whether it’s with guns, or with tasers or pepper spray, I think having some way of showing the psychopaths that good people will defend themselves against their violence would go a long way to making the streets a safer place for all.
Cheers! 🙂

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