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You should watch “Symphogear”

Senki Zesshou Symphogear is just another magical girl-type Anime — on the surface.  But, it quickly turns out to be a lot more than that once one starts watching it.

It’s all about fighting against the Forces of Evil all-the-while staying Human, and the nature of the Evil in Symphogear is very relevant regarding real-world events and the real significance of occult symbolism than its “Sci-Fi” label would imply.

Symphogear has the best of both worlds in an animated cartoon show otherwise meant for young girls:  It illuminates the nature of the enemy (alien beings with metaphysical form that think ill of Mankind on Earth), while offering the only humane means of dealing with said beings (coming together through the power of love and song, to break-up the “Noise” conjured by these beings’ corruption of Humans).  As a result, this show is actually well worth the watch for anyone who wants to make a difference in this World.

And this is reason I do my “Song of the Week”!  It is important that songs capable of resonating with Human hearts be sent out across the globe, because meaningful songs can change lives for the better; when those songs are sent with love, the effect is even more powerful.

Crunchyroll appears not to have this particular Anime on file…, but Kissanime does!  http://kissanime.ru/Search/Anime

Symphogear AXZ is currently being released, and as of right now only two episodes are out….

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Protestors Block Feds From Unloading Buses Full Of Illegal Immigrants


Feds Booed In California City After Standoff On Illegals

” An overflow crowd in a Southern California community where protesters turned back Homeland Security busloads of immigrants gave a harsh reception to federal officials behind the decision to bring them to Murrieta in the first place.

  Local politicians calling for secure borders proved far more popular with the crowd Wednesday night.

” Send them back! Send the back!” the special-meeting crowd chanted, shouting down Chief Border Patrol Agent Paul Beeson after he took responsibility for transferring the Central American children and families to Murrieta from Texas, where the numbers are too much for facilities to handle.

  On Tuesday, the buses were rerouted an hour south to San Diego after they were met with flag-waving protesters in Murrieta.

  The Wednesday night crowd, gathered at a high school auditorium that seats 750 in the desert city of 100,000 people…

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California protesters block transport of undocumented immigrants

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Wired 5-21-14… “Free App Lets the Next Snowden Send Big Files Securely and Anonymously”

Kauilapele's Blog

micah_lee_onionshare_creatorThis showed up at RMN, and although I don’t often post “tech type” things here, I liked this one. Maybe a few might like to try this one out, as well.

“Lee created the program as a way of sharing big data dumps via a direct channel encrypted and protected by the anonymity software Tor, making it far more difficult for eavesdroppers to determine who is sending what to whom.

“It’s basically 100 percent darknet.”


Free App Lets the Next Snowden Send Big Files Securely and Anonymously

When Glenn Greenwald discovered last year that some of the NSA documents he’d received from Edward Snowden had been corrupted, he needed to retrieve copies from fellow journalist Laura Poitras in Berlin. They decided the safest way to transfer the sizable cache was to use a USB drive carried by hand to Greenwald’s home in Brazil. As a result, Greenwald’s partner…

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Martin Armstrong Warns Civil Unrest Is Rising Everywhere: “This Won’t End Pretty”

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Creepy Facebook part 2


This is great! In just a few days tens of thousands of people have taken action to demand that Facebook stop its creepy new practice of tracking all of us around the web, even when we’re not on Facebook. And the signatures are literally pouring in every second.

The next 24 hours are critical, while we still have momentum we need your help to spread the word far and wide. Will you click below to share this image everywhere you can? If everyone who signs this petition also shares it, we’ll be so loud Facebook can’t ignore us. (Hey, they remember what happened to Myspace…)”
If you have a Facebook, then definitely help this message spread, and make sure if you haven’t already to sign the petition at: http://cms.fightforthefuture.org/facebookopt-out/?t=dXNlcmlkPTU0ODkxMzM5LGVtYWlsaWQ9ODgxMw==

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FFTF — Facebook the super-creep.

Zuckerberg, stop being a creep!
Last week, Facebook announced that it would begin tracking user activity on the internet, regardless if they are actually on Facebook or not, in order to better splash ads in their unsuspecting faces.
Follow the link above to sign the petition started by FFTF to tell Facebook this is unacceptable.
You wouldn’t want some ex following your every move online, so why let a social media outlet do it?
Even if you don’t have a FB, like me, you should still sign it, because they are still willing and able to track your activity — via the FB ‘like’ button that’s now on so many sites these days.
Over 79,000 signatures to the petition so far. Add your name to the steadily growing list!

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It passed! It actually passed!

*from the FFTF email I got this morning*

Late Thursday night — after they were bombarded by calls from FFTF members and many others — the U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted to cut funding for some of the NSA’s most nefarious backdoor spying programs.

There’s no question about it. The tides are turning. We didn’t just win this vote, we won it by a landslide. 293-123.

Our movement is showing its power, and organized Internet users are once again proving to be a more formidable force than the U.S. government (or any of the pundits) expected.

We still have a long way to go. No matter what happens in Congress, we will need to continue our Reset the Net effort to secure the web through technology. As we know all too well, governments often bend and break the rules they set for themselves, and so far the reforms on the table in Congress don’t do nearly enough to protect the rights of people outside the U.S.

But one thing is certain: we are gaining ground, and the NSA is losing it. We’re beating them back with technology, pushing politicians to cut their funding, and dragging their secretive programs out into the sunlight for all to see.

This vote in congress didn’t happen by magic. So many of us have spoken out in the last year and made it clear in no uncertain terms that mass surveillance is not okay. Our movement has become too big for Congress to ignore. We forced them to go on record supporting change.
Let’s keep on chuggin’, and keep them runnin’.

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Vermont and the People are “Fighting Monsanto” for their Lives and For Now “They are Winning”

Vermont ftw!

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