2014 Year of Action?

Why Malaysia?

Anyone else, here, been wondering..?
Three suspicious airline disappearances this year..
MH-370, MH-17, and now QZ8501..
Two of them Malaysia Air planes, the most recent one an Air Asia plane from Malaysia..
Two of them flying about the Malaysia area, the second Malaysia Air plane lost over Ukraine..
The first two of them undoubtedly, now, false flag events (the first one was being held at Diego Garcia, last time I checked; the second one was shot down by accident by NATO forces posing as Ukrainian rebels mistaking it for Putin’s jet, from what I’ve heard)..
The third, given that the Malaysian president sold stocks in Air Asia days before the event, and that the crew oddly asked for an alternate route, gives me the feeling that this one, too, is a false flag and the plane has been shunted off to some secret US military base for possible use in a future terrorist false flag attack on Western soil — or something like that..
But, why Malaysian airlines?
What’s that about, Cabal?
What do you criminal elites have against Malaysia?
Just wondering, here…

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Setting the Stage — the End is Nigh?

>The Ferguson verdict is set to come out sometime this week — and social media gossip seems to indicate riots would most likely happen regardless of how the verdict turns out.
And the State there is preparing for something huge — even teachers at schools gave their students extra homework over this past weekend..

Atlanta, Chicago, LA, New York could be primed to set off if huge riots do end up taking place in Ferguson (according to InfoWars..)
With criminal State elements egging the confrontations on there, it seems obvious that they may try to use it to set off a civil war — which the Cabal can then use to plunge America into martial law. Also, don’t expect it to be confined to America.. Expect similar riots to slowly leak out into the other Western nations in the months after America goes down.
>The Ebola scare is really only meant to ‘prod’ Westerners into getting vaccines, and likely even to enforce mandatory vaccinations (likely for depopulation and/or control purposes). In Africa, it seems to be meant as a racial cleansing agent..
Be assured that a pandemic-level event is going to arise sometime in the future, but Ebola isn’t it.
The answer is in all the pandemic-type movies and shows that have come out recently: A zombie apocalypse. The virus that will bring about the pandemic will likely start off as flu-like in its first stages, and then eventually turn into a rabies-type affliction, and lastly into a zombie-like phase before finally killing the infected (probably with an Ebola-like action).
Look for it… This winter’s a great time to have it come about.
>ISIS is likely to be the main puppet instigator of WWIII.. It’s obvious that the Cabal is trying to use it to take down Syria — which will bring Iran into the fray, which in turn will bring in Russia and possibly China.

Also, rumour has it that the Western mafias are planning to ‘re-invade’ the Ukraine, probably to take it over for good (to further bring Russia into war).

Further ‘prodding’ of Russia once war commences would then likely make the war nuclear as well…
>The economy is primed to collapse worldwide, but it won’t go down on its own — it will be forced, likely at the last second as the banksters try to hold out as long as they possibly can.
However they end up reigning it all in, what will come out of it shall be a global cashless currency that is stored on RFID chips implanted inside us.

The event would likely appear to be natural, and the banksters behind it will say it was due to all the nations and peoples rejecting the Petrodollar and opting instead for gold and other non-debt-based currencies.

Or it could be tied to China having the IMF check their gold vaults sometime next year, which would apparently throw the economy for a loop as it would suggest the US is lying about their own reserves if China’s gold supply checks out.
>Fake alien invasion?

On top of the four SHTF events above, this one is also expected to come about — just look at all the alien invasion movies and shows that have come out recently. Most of them show a malicious invading species, bent on conquering Earth and eliminating the humans on its surface.
As the video above mentions, it could be a false flag perpetrated by the Cabal, using their space tech (which they had since the 70’s) to cause havoc and blame it on benevolent races trying to help us get out of this mess.
The take-over of artificial intelligence (prevalent in recent robot-type movies and shows); the Cabal hopes to merge with the machines and become gods.
Vampires and werewolves? Why are these two things getting huge air-time in recent years? Probably coincidence?
>End-game: Depopulation.
According to the Georgia Guidestones, the human population of Earth needs to be at most 500,000,000. This means that ~99% of all humans alive right now need to die — according to the Cabal.
All these calamities, engineered by them, are ultimately meant to depopulate the globe of humans. There are better ways to reduce the surface population to that number (like going interstellar..), but only this option gives them the control and overlording that they crave to have.
Expect the beginnings of all this, I think, starting next year sometime, largely following the Biblical Revelations in its roll-out. It will be a long time of hardship, but ultimately good will prevail — they cannot win.
Don't Panic and Carry a Towel
(image: http://kezialubanszky.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/don-t-panic-2568311.jpg)

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An Overview of the Stage Being Set:

Well, none of the dates I tried to cull from the IMF video this past year have all come up blank. Nothing happened, thankfully. Either it’s yet to come, or the mentioning of such dates alongside (I hope) people secretly in high places doing the necessary things to foil the plans — or a bit of both.
We are very near the false flag event that will be used to start WWIII, if we look to history as a guide.
Alliances have been made..
World powers have militarized..
Tensions are building to a climax..
Alliance 1: The West — US (via DC) & its sphere of influence, UK (via square mile) & its Commonwealth sphere, Vatican + Israel and that sphere. Front-men for the ‘Council of Illuminati’.
Alliance 2: The East — Russia & BRICS + their sphere of influence. Once a part of the Western Cabal, they are now a Cabal of their own who wants to replace the West as a global superpower.
Alliance 3: Islamic terrorist groups… These are technically a part of the West, and are currently being supported by them. But they seem determined to break free at the opportune moment.
Alliance 4: Syria + Iran. The only remaining Muslim nations, and maybe the only two nations on Earth not under the control of any Cabal (particularly the West). Libya, Egypt, Iraq, and other victim nations of the War on Terror have since been targeted and dealt with (and turned to the West/Terrorists).
Alliance 5: North Korea. This nation’s just a rogue, with its own agendas…
Alliance 6: The Council of Illuminati (as the Romanian hacker Guccifer calls them). These are the true ‘bad guys’ in all this; they control the actions of the perceived ‘bad guys’ within the above alliances. In previous conflicts they’ve been silently pulling the strings unseen, but now they are known and in the open for good.
Alliance 7: We the People (those of us who are aware of the Game being played and want no part in it)… In past conflicts this group has been duped and brought along for the Illuminati ride, but now we are finally seeing where we fit and are trying to plot our own course in the world. We are the main target of the coming war (but not the only one).

Click to access E_C_Knuth-The_Empire_Of_The_City,1944.pdf

The False Flags of the Apocalypse:

>’Victory’ — Economic False Flag. According to an IMF video made this year, an economic false flag is set that will usher in the Cabal’s one-world cashless currency for their Brave New World. The currency will be held within RFID chips that can be controlled by them at their whims. If the subtle messaging in the IMF video is correct, then likely expect it to originate in Berlin, and perhaps also expect it to take the form of a banking system shut-down that lasts 72 hours.

>’War’ — Military False Flag. The US military is set to train the Kiev-controlled Ukraine in winter warfare against the eastern flanks of the country that want to secede. Also, the hacker Guccifer has released that a nuke false flag is set for Chicago in 2015 sometime. Syria is currently being bombarded by terrorist groups (funded by the West) as well as nations of the West (claiming to stifle the advances of those groups). Ukraine and Syria are meant to get at Russia, as Ukraine is on its doorstep and it has come out in defense of Iran (who has a mutual defense pact with Syria). ISIS operatives are currently stationed in some Mexican border towns with the US, and it is likely they will be the ones perpetrating the nuke attack that will help throw the US into civil war (the events in Ferguson will likely be the other part of the civil war trigger).
>’Pestilence’ — Biological False Flag. Media outlets in the US have agreed not to report any more Ebola cases in the US, and InfoWars has released that suspected Ebola patients are being disappeared. It is likely that this false flag will be used to force vaccinations upon everyone, so that the Cabal’s nanotech of control can be inserted into them. Meanwhile, as per the countless zombie movies and shows lately, a true pandemic can be expected that is related to rabies and turns people into temporary zombies.
>’Death’ — Demographic False Flag. The Depopulation Agenda of the Cabal… Depending on who one looks up, anywhere from 80% to 99% global human population reduction is stated by them in one way or another. They will need more than one cataclism to pull this off, according to their white papers, hence the four False Flags listed here. Each is meant to aid them in bringing about their New World Order (NWO) and extreme population reduction agendas.

Click to access ThePopulationControlAgenda.pdf

Common themes in (Western) popular media nowadays:
>Alien Invasion (in the Cards for Cabal? Even though we’ve already been invaded..).
>Zombies (human-reducing biological weapon pandemic..).
>Vampires & Werewolves (Cabal? Related to ‘Monsters as Heroes’?).
>Global Pandemic (related to ‘Zombies’..).
>Total War & Post-apocalypse (WWIII and NWO..).
>Monsters as Heroes (psy-op? Meant to paint Cabal as saviours?).
>Sex, Drugs, & Rock-n-roll (good-old Sodomizing..).
>Police Dramas (police & crime training psy-ops..).
>Corrupt, Controlled West (psy-op. Revelation of the method..).
We may not be able to stop the coming calamities, but at least we know what to expect from the perpetrators of it.
It’s all laid out above. The key is not to fall in fear at the rolling out of the above things.
See the things for what they are, and prepare against them. If enough people in the world do this, then the best-laid plans of the Cabal could falter — even permanently.
They need our continued silence on the matter for them to succeed in all their objectives. But I think there’s enough awakened military, police, and citizens in the world to put a good dent in the agenda once it’s truly rolled out onto us. The Lindsay Graham nuke threat of last September was apparently actually attempted, but apparently got foiled by military personnel awake to the implications of the orders given to them. Perhaps that prompted the mass military purging of commanders in the following months since September of last year.
If those in high places with good consciences can keep up the good work in this regard, then maybe much of the terror to be had in store for us may not come to pass.
That would be good..
Don't Panic!

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Stage Being Set? (4)

The Fed is going to end QE fully come November…
Does this mean an economic collapse is being planned soon?
Like, real soon?
Canada just faced a false flag terror attack…
Is this the final stage before the actual take-down by the Cabal?
Perhaps on November 11 of this year?
Midterms in America on November 4 this year, too. And ebola’s being hidden from us…

Something to consider… and to try to prevent…
David Icke on what we’re up against, and how to come out of it:

Hopefully nothing happens, but if it does happen…
…then be prepared for it (if you wish), and…
Don't Panic!
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One last likely date to consider before Year’s End..

In regards to any of the previous likely dates I’ve considered since looking into the whole IMF possible occult symbolism thing this year, none have so far been chosen as their date of action.
While a combination of factors may be working that have made those dates unworkable for the Cabal, there is one more date that I think may be worth keeping watch over:
Remembrance Day
This coming Remembrance/Veteran’s Day.
Here’s why (in my opinion):
November in Latin means ‘the ninth (month of the year)’. There’s that number 9 again.
Remembrance/Veteran’s Day is on the 11th of November — there’s our number 11.
As usual, the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of the year is when many of the nations observing this day do their observing of it, and it of course corresponds to that good-old Masonic number of 33 (11 + 11 + 11).
November is so-named because before the Julian calendar was used, November was indeed the ninth month of the Roman calendar year.
So not only do we get 33 from this special date, we also get 9/11 (even though it doesn’t coincide with the Coptic New Year here).
And finally, this year’s Remembrance/Veteran’s Day falls on a Tuesday — the day of the God of War.
A trifecta, almost..
And of course it still matches up with the other references made in the IMF video: Berlin, WWI, IMF, G7/G20, and the housing bubble.
The year’s not over yet, and if anyone’s on the inside preventing the Cabal from enacting their plans then please keep up the good work.
Hitchhiker's Guide logo
(image 1: http://www.altiusdirectory.com/Society/images/remembrance-day.jpg)
(image 2: http://www.lby3.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/ipad-hitchhikers.jpg)

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Have you noticed…?

Obviously nothing catastrophic happened on September 11 this year, thankfully, and I may have found a reason why.

Take 9/11, which happened in 2001, and Benghazi(gate), which happened in 2012:
I’m sure many here know that both events occurred on 9/11 in the year they occurred, but why 9/11?

Simple: The Coptic Calendar New Year occurs on 9/11 on the Gregorian Calendar. I’m not sure yet whether the designer of the calendar supposedly being the deified Egyptian architectural mastermind named Imhotep has anything to do with anything, however since the Cabal is heavily immersed in occultism, this point may have something to do with their need to unleash chaos on this particular day of the year.

But why don’t they commit atrocities every 9/11 of every year? What’s so special about 2001 & 2012?
I happened to notice that both 9/11 and Benghazi occurred on a Tuesday, which is named after the Germanic war god Tiwaz — the Latin counterpart to Tiwaz being Martius, the Roman god of war who presides over Tuesday (which explains why the French word for ‘Tuesday’, for example, is ‘Mardi’).

This makes sense since both events were essentially acts of war by the Cabal.

So… if they only really do bad shit on 9/11’s that fall only on Tuesdays, then we can determine any other years such a coincidence occurs and then see if any bad shit happened on those days.

>Turns out that 9/11/2007 fell on a Tuesday, though nothing really bad appears to have happened on this day (perhaps the fact that a partial solar eclipse occurred on this day had something to do with it?). However, the housing market crash occurred in 2007, climaxing in September/October.

>9/11/1990 also fell on a Tuesday, and though again nothing bad happened on this day either, it so happens that George Bush Sr gave his infamous NWO speech on this day.

>The next time 9/11 falls on a Tuesday is 2018. The next time after that, that 9/11 falls on a Tuesday, is 2029.

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Stage being set, part 3.

I’m thinking at this point that September 11, 2014 is looking pretty good as the date in which all hell breaks loose..
Aug. 29 — Islamic terrorist groups in a Mexico border city to US:  http://tomfernandez28.com/2014/08/29/judicial-watch-feds-bulletin-describes-threat-of-imminent-terrorist-attack-on-southern-border/
I think it can be said now that Obama’s open border ‘policy’ is designed to beg these terrorists to come in and create some havoc so that he and his ilk have a great reason to enforce the totalitarian Agenda 21 police state; starting in the US, and then moving onto the other Western nations.
Aug. 29 — UK terrorist threat level at highest level:  http://consciousshift2012.wordpress.com/2014/08/29/uk-terrorist-threat-level-raised-to-severe-false-flag-approaching/
Could this mean that a false flag in the UK somewhere is imminent?
The MH17 false flag over Ukraine has fizzed out without any sort of escalation into violence.  However, the Ukraine no doubt is still a target in the world war to come.
Syria, and thus Iran, are still major targets in the war to come.
Russia is the most powerful non-NWO nation on Earth right now, so I feel that doubtless US/NATO violent provocation of Russia will be a prime instigator of the full-on world war (remember that WWIII technically started back on 9/11/2001).
The Globalists need to overhaul the economic, monetary, political, and religious structures of the world into a One-World system, and an extremely brutal war will pretty-much do it.  IMF collapse of the global economy and most currencies (as I’ve mentioned before may originate in Berlin), nuclear war with Russia and its allies (incl. China, India, and Brazil), false flag attacks in the US and UK and elsewhere by ISIS terrorists on the level of 9/11, and the subsequent ushering in of total martial law and Agenda 21 objectives shall conclude the unbelievable tyranny brought on by these Globalists.
This is generally what I expect to happen on September 11 of this year (in only two weeks’ time)…
But we could stop all, or most, of this from really taking place by ‘forfeiting the game’ and choosing instead to not fall for the terror attacks and wars when they come.  If enough of us withdraw and prevent the Globalists from going forth with their plans of total fear and panic, then their agenda of domination can never come to fruition.
Consider this cool video (that I’ve also posted as a separate article on the blog):

If we pawns drop our weapons and instead point and laugh at the being trying to catalyze us trying to fight with each other, the being will wither and disappear.
John Lennon quote
(image:  http://canislupuspc.wordpress.com/2014/01/03/peacful-civil-disobedience/)
I hope we make it through this.  In the meantime, if hell should break loose on Earth..:
Don't Panic pic
(image:  http://vantaj.deviantart.com/art/Don-t-Panic-Wallpaper-267836839)

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The stage is being set, part 2.

I feel a bit like Hock Seng in Paolo Bacigalupi’s ‘Windup Girl’, seeing the players in the coming calamity starting to take their respective places by connecting the various dots of articles that have recently been popping up in my blog feed. (read the book to get the reference)
Here’s part 1: https://blogontheedgeoftheuniverse.wordpress.com/2014/07/17/the-stage-is-being-set/
The Ebola break-out in Africa can now see some out-breaks here in America, thanks to a handful of volunteer workers that have since come home from afflicted areas in Africa infected themselves. The situation is under control now, but the stage is set for it to very easily get out-of-hand.
Before you know it, a pandemic is upon us.
Here’s another likely piece: http://seeker401.wordpress.com/2014/07/31/soros-his-ebola-bioweapons-lab-and-the-death-of-who-spokesperson-glenn-thomas-in-the-ukraine/
This, if accurate, means that the MH17 false-flag and Ebola can be linked.
Here’s something else to take into account, should it prove to be veritas:
This goes snugly in with the reminder that the Ebola threat will most likely be over-hyped for political purposes: http://2012thebigpicture.wordpress.com/2014/08/05/the-facts-behind-the-ebola-hoax-pt-2-from-removing-the-shackles/
Diseases like small pox and chicken pox are being set loose inside illegal alien shelters in the US, which is no doubt another factor to take into account here. This is on top of the primary reason for those illegals being to dilute the steadily increasing population of American voters who want to vote out the tyranny.
So let’s recap what’s in the cards, according to the present news:
>IMF-instigated economic collapse centered upon Berlin, set to punish Germany and BRICS for trying to set up an economy separate from the one that the IMF depends on (BRICS nations and Germany are major economic powerhouse nations). This all assumes the IMF secret messaging is in any way reliable.
>Ebola spreading in Africa, with a handful of infected individuals in the US now. This could be the setting for an epidemic to be used as a pretext for bringing in total police state and major depopulation.
>Tensions in Ukraine and in Israel, as well as that brought on by ISIS, are the likely sources now for the beginning of a third World War to bring the total tyranny from the US to the rest of the world. ISIS is probably the most likely causal factor of the lot at this point.
>Likely dates for the beginning of all this: Sept 11, or Oct (1, 6, 7, 9, or 20), of this year.
That concludes this part. I’ll add to it as more info comes in.
Don’t forget:
don't panic!
(image: http://everfalling.deviantart.com/art/DON-T-PANIC-15975789)

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The Stage Is Being Set…

..For IMFs potential false-flag economic terror attack — assuming their occult messaging is real and is something they’re seriously considering.
>>Yesterday: http://hwaairfan.wordpress.com/2014/07/16/brics-announce-100-billion-reserve-bypassing-privately-controlled-central-banks/
>>Today: http://socioecohistory.wordpress.com/2014/07/17/dr-jim-willie-fed-up-with-destructive-us-activities-germany-pivoting-east/
Remember this? https://blogontheedgeoftheuniverse.wordpress.com/2014/07/07/occult-messaging-by-imf/
>IMF to definitely play a part in the coming collapse — BRICS’ bank will seriously compete with the IMF.
>Collapse to originate in Berlin — Germany now moving towards Russia, based on the scathing maltreatment by the West.
Not sure when the event will happen, if it ever does, but doubtless it appears to be soon. The economy cannot be held up by the Elites forever, and it will then come crashing down at some point organically. However, they will not let that happen, so they will stage the collapse before it is set to happen so that they can control the outcomes. No doubt the IMF will try their best to correlate the event to BRICS and to Germany, as alluded to in the video in my linked post.
Also today: Another Malaysian Air flight has gone down. This one we know actually crashed, and it crashed very near Kiev-controlled Ukraine. Already the allegations that Russia shot it down are being released to the wind by Kiev itself. This is the second Malaysian Air flight that has gone down under suspicious circumstances, and who knows if this one was meant to be a false-flag against Russia of some sort.
Only time will tell…
I don’t think you have to be Hannibal to see that some sort of plan seems to be coming together. What exactly the plan is at this point is still up to the imagination. But rest assured shit will be going down sometime in the future, orchestrated by the Elites, simply because it has to.
As usual, whatever happens:
Don't Panic
(image: http://everfalling.deviantart.com/art/DON-T-PANIC-15975789)

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Occult Messaging by IMF?

Occult message by Christine Lagarde on January 15, 2014:
2014 = 7 + (year of action for Elites).
100 years since WWI began = 1 (1914 = 6) + Germany (& possibly also war).
70 years since IMF founding = 7 + IMF.
25 years since fall of Berlin wall = 7 + Berlin.
7 years since the housing bubble burst (2007 = 9 + October (1)) = 7 + (something to do with economy).
7 years starting 2014 of prosperity (she hopes) = 7 + (Elites acting on their wishes).
G7 = (7, G = 7) + G7 (may have a part in this thing).
G20 = (2, G = 7, 7 + 2 = 9) + (may have a part in this thing).
IMF (will certainly have a part in this thing) = 9+13+6 = 1.
Also: January = 1, 15 = 6, 2014 = 7.
Numerologically important numbers that popped up in her speech: 1, 6, 7, 9.
Most important = 7.
Next important = 1.
Third important = 9.
Last important = 6.
So, what does this all mean? 2014 is the year the Elites will be planning something huge for the world. It will come in the form of an economic targeting of some sort (likely a collapse followed by wholesale unifying to better suit their needs). The epicenter of the event shall be Berlin, spearheaded by the IMF, and they expect this should also be a good time to truly start WWIII. The G7 & G20 may also play a part in this event.
The housing crash occurred in October, so perhaps this event is slated for October 2014. Another possibility is September 11, 2014, as Sept-11 (9, 2) is the Coptic calendar new-year (& other terrible events have been planned on this day in the past). July 7 (today) is another great day to consider (7, July = 7, 2014 = 7). The creator of the video considers July 20 (7, 2), which is likely another possible day for this thing.
We’ve already had Bilderberg 2014, from May 29 (5, 2) to June 1 (6, 1), where the main topic was how to salvage their NOW and prevent the steady rise of multi-polarity in defiance of them. We just had the first of four Blood Moons on April 15 (4, 6), and the next one is on October 8 (1, 8) – I suspect the time between April 15, 2014 & September 28, 2015 (9, 1, 8) will be a busy time for the Elites. The other thing to consider is the Elites seem to expect their transformation to take seven years or so to fully undertake from this year onward. This means they hope to have their NWO fully in place by 2021 (5).
So, one should expect some sort of financial meltdown, followed by WWIII (& some form of Armageddon), followed lastly by the final push towards their NWO by 2021.
Lastly, here’s the blog I got the video from:
..and that concludes my conspiracy theory dabbling for today!

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