Most Promising Extraterrestrial Solar Systems:

1: Proxima Centauri (14 h 29 m 42.9487 s; -62* 40′ 46.141″)

>potentially habitable world is b.

Image result for proxima centauri b

2: TRAPPIST-1 (23 h 06 m 29.383 s; -05* 02′ 28.59″)

>potentially habitable worlds are e, f, g.

Image result for trappist 1

3: Kepler 186 (19 h 54 m 36.651 s; +43* 57′ 18.06″)

>potentially habitable world is f.

Kepler 186

4:  Gliese 667 C (17 h 18 m 57.16483 s; +34* 59′ 23.1416″)

>potentially habitable worlds are c, f, e.

5:  Kepler 62 (18 h 52 m 51.06 s; +45* 20′ 59.5″)

>potentially habitable worlds are e, f.

6:  Kapteyn’s Star (05 h 11 m 41 s; -45* 01′ 06″)

>potentially habitable world is b.

Kapteyn b




2 thoughts on “Most Promising Extraterrestrial Solar Systems:

  1. Jim Fleckenstein

    Great website – really enjoy visiting it. Hey, just wanted to make you aware that the space probe Rosetta is scheduled to land on the comet P67 August 6th. Thought you may be interested in this 10 year in the making meeting. Check out the European Space Agency blog:


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