Bilderberg 2014

Leaked Bilderberg Closing Remarks – 2014 . . . MUST READ !!!!!

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Big Brother Bullies World Via Bilderberg!

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RT: Why Bilderberg is the least of your worries

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Last Day of Bilderberg 2014.

..And nothing blew up, and nobody died. Yet.

Press For Truth:

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Bilderberg Plans Don’t Include Humans!

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Bilderberg 2014 – #NewWorldNextWeek !

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Bilderberg actually talks nukes, euro nationalism and… Barack Obama – leak

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Day 2 @ Bilderberg 2014 — FALSE FLAG?

Must watch this video! —
..and the guards at the Marriott don’t like being filmed:
..while they harass innocent plebs:
3 Italian MPs give Bilderberger’s a message:

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Day 1 of Bilderberg 2014.

May 29, 2014:
The Bilderberg Group...
And already the paranoid monsters have erected insane levels of protection around the hotel they’re staying at, so that the EXTREMELY THREATENING truth-seekers heavily armed with their EXTREMELY DANGEROUS cameras and tough questions cannot get anywhere near them and threaten their precious important lives.
Bilderberg paranoia!

..because that gleaming light of truth is just so blinding and painful — and vampires cannot handle the light.
(or something like that..)

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