A Truly Exceptional Theory of Everything…?

On one page, no less…!

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Sacred Bulls

“Sacred Cow” = that which one isn’t really allowed to speak a differing opinion on in public company.

“Sacred Bull” = that which one can’t even conceive anything outside the given norm, let alone even attempt to speak differently on it….

>The Oldest Form of Fear…:

“They” control “Us” so thoroughly because They have given Us Their minds. They fear the uncertainty, thus We fear it; They fear death, the greatest uncertainty, and thus We fear it also–and thus We perceive only the long-lived life to be the “good life,” instead deeming a short-lived life Truly Lived as an “unfulfilled” life; They fear self-governance and individualism, thus We inherently fear True Anarchy–for, when authority is impossible so, too, is slavery; They can’t handle Goodness and Love, and so We’ve lost touch of what it means to be Good and be Love.

To stand in your Truth, Goodness, and Love is to defeat Them by default, for Truth is without sin, Goodness is without vice, and Love is without fear.

>Ask Questions, Get Answers:

When you ask questions, you’ll get answers–bad questions give bad answers, while good questions will give good answers.

Because Their plans are revealed by anyone who can think about things, thus They’ve required that We’re made unable to even think–We’re taught what to think, and how to think, but not to think. We punish Our kids for asking questions We can’t answer properly, and so We grow up simply accepting whatever is told to Us by perceived “authorities.” We no longer even question the perceived-obvious–like, “What colour is the sky?” Before you knee-jerk, think about it: Is it still blue at nighttime? Is it still blue during dawn or dusk? Truth is…, the sky is actually completely colourless and transparent!

>Dialectic of Dichotomies:

Consider the following dichotomy: Is the Earth “round” or “flat”? Before everyone blindly believed Earth was round, they believed it was flat. If the “majority is always wrong,” then what is Earth’s True shape?

Truth is…, it doesn’t even matter! What matters is, firstly, that it only matters what a given dichotomy is distracting you from (for example, that We’re stuck on a “prison planet”), and, next, that the Truth itself lies as far away from each end of a dichotomy as each end of the dichotomy exists from each other. We must free Ourselves from Their enslavement before We can even begin to seek Truth properly.

>What It Means To Be Good:

Why must Good always have to win over Evil…? Why is it really so bad for Evil to win out over Good…?

To Truly comprehend the above queries is to grasp at the Truth of Good and Evil itself…: Good is merely the state of high-vibration energy, nothing more; Evil is merely the state of low-vibration energy, nothing more. Good is not inherently good; Evil is not inherently bad. Further, Good-energy is considered a “masculine” energy while Evil-energy is a “feminine” one; this does not mean that men are good and women are bad–both men and women contain masculine and feminine energies, but women are still easier to corrupt than men, initially, which is why tyrants target women and children first. Finally, all high-vibe energies can then also be considered masculine (like Love, Truth, and Awakening) while low-vibe energies can thus be called feminine (like hate, sin, and ignorance).

Consider that old Native allegory: We have two “wolves” fighting each other forever within Us, where one is Good and the other is Evil. The one that “wins” is the one that We “feed.” But…. When one feeds their Evil wolf and their Good wolf is defeated, one’s left with only their Evil wolf–of course. However, even when one feeds their Good wolf and it defeats the Evil wolf–because that very act is an Evil act, the Good wolf must then become Evil in its stead. Therefor, the only Way to Truly be Good is to feed both wolves–making them both your pets!

“A man cannot destroy the savage in him by denying its impulses. The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.”

>Order out of Chaos…:

One of Our deepest-held “beliefs” is that Order is good while Chaos is bad–why is that, and who ultimately taught Us this?

Consider a crystal: The crystal is an ordered state of matter, and as such its atoms’ freedom of movement is extremely limited. Consider next the air you breathe: Air exists as a chaotic state of matter, and as such its atoms’ freedom of movement is extremely vast. Therefor…, Truly, it’s Chaos that’s Good–and Order that’s Evil. Indeed, that’s why only tyrants ever say, “Order out of Chaos”! Indeed, what We’re mistaking as Chaos is actually “Disorder”–where Order is absent, but Good is also absent.

>Buck the System:

“Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly while expecting differing results.” ~Albert Einstein.

The root of the System is money: Money, by default, must always create and maintain inequality fundamentally (even if everyone on Earth was given the exact same amount of money, as soon as a single transaction was made inequality via wealth comes to exist), therefor True equality is only possible when money ceases to exist. We can never solve poverty via money; We can never solve famine via money; We can never solve any worldly problems via money–as money’s the root cause of it all!

The System is, fundamentally, Evil. Therefor, it’s impossible to resolve any worldly problems from within the System and its means–as it’s the System, ultimately, that’s brought those issues into being to begin with! Poverty is not a symptom of over-population, but of the greed inherent within the System–once the System ceases to exist, the Earth will suddenly and easily manage many billions of people alone with even the current available land-space. Our energy issues aren’t a symptom of Humanity’s “vile nature,” but instead of the inherent Evil Nature of the System itself–once the System ceases to exist, Humanity will suddenly, with the proper increase in collective consciousness, become far more loving, less vile, and crime and fear will fall almost to zero.

“One cannot solve a problem by using the same mindset that created it in the first place.” ~Albert Einstein.

>I Believe…:

The ultimate “Sacred Bull” is probably belief itself…. However, this also means non-belief must be equally as perilous. So…, where’s the Truth at? It lies at…what I’ll call “notbelief”–instead of Star Wars’ Yoda’s, “Do, or do not, there is no try,” I’d say it’s actually, “Do, or notdo, do not try.” Simply observe all things, and stick with, don’t believe nor refuse to believe, what jives with your heart and Self. This is the Way to Truth!

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“In the Kingdom of the Blind…”

The Way to Good and to Evil both have the same beginning: You wish to have something that others have.

We’ll call those who have it the “Haves,” and those who don’t the “Havenots”….

The easier Way leads inexorably to Evil, as it begins with the Havenot failing to come to an understanding of how the Haves came to be so. This leads to envy, then to hatred of the Haves as the Havenot continues to fail to become a Have. The last step is for the Havenot to gang up with other Havenots against the Haves, forcing them either to forfeit what they Have to the Havenots or to be eliminated.

The harder Way leads inexorably to Good, as it begins with the sacrifice of the Ego which therefor allows the Havenot the patience and courage to obtain that necessary understanding. Once the understanding is reached, one can then follow the process that has led to others becoming Haves.

The True Way to becoming a Have, however, is to realize that you already are a Have, even though you’re actually still a Havenot. For example, when you realize you’re already happy, you’ll Truly become happy.

The easy Way is taken by those who can be called “bullies”; thus, the Way to Evil is made when Love is absent from the equation. Those who take the Evil path yet aren’t strong enough to become a bully thus become the bullies’ victims, and so both the bully and the victim are eternally reliant on one another: The victim needs to be kept safe and free from all things that require work, while the bully needs a harem of victims to feed on for in their lack of Love they instead must feed on fear. The victims are perpetually kept in a fear state.

But, the bullies are also kept in a state of fear – they fear the loss of their food source, and of control over everything (since bullies are still also weak). Therefor, the Way to defeat a bully is at the least to stop feeding them the negative energies (including violence and hatred – not just the fear and tears) and ultimately actually to Love them; with enough Love, a bully becomes an ally of the Light.

Conversely, people who have been fed enough Love will necessarily become Good people; Love over Time also allows the Asleep to Awaken, and eventually become uncontrollable by the bullies as well. Good people full of Love are Naturally uncontrollable by the bullies, hence why they’re always targeted for elimination by the bullies.

Finally, the True Way of all things is only ever grasped by the very wisest of the Awake. It Naturally requires ample inherent understanding of the Way to be able to live according to the Way itself….


The “Blind” are those who fear the shadows of their inner self as much as they do the uncertainties of the outside world. Thus, they yearn for a far more comforting version of these things to be told to them–and will cling fervently to those who give that to them.

The “One-Eyed” are bullies who can bear the outside world more than they can their inner self. Thus, they’re able lead others–but only those more perceptually confined than they are. As only the Blind fit that bill, and since they require a leader, the One-Eyed cling as fervently to the Blind for their need to have “harems” of the Blind worship them. They also do everything they can to turn everyone else either into one of them or of the Blind.

The “Two-Eyed” are able to accept and live with both their inner shadows and the world’s uncertainties. This makes them uncontrollable by the One-Eyed, and thus their number one target for “elimination”–the Two-Eyed are still not advanced enough that they can still be subject to the wrath of such people; typically, the One-Eyed will send the Blind after the Two-Eyed, so that they remain removed from the wrongs that they’re indirectly causing.

The “Third-Eyed,” finally, are the apex of awareness and the like. Having “opened” their third-eye, this makes them wholly and utterly untouchable by all other types of beings here–hence why the One-Eyed can’t even bother with them. All sufficiently-endeavouring Two-Eyed beings will eventually, inevitably, become Third-Eyed….

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Harmonic PTE revisited:

An alternative to the version I posted previously (with the template part fully correct this time)….

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It’s Only Game, Hwy You Hheff To Be Mad?

In the beginning…, Our very first lifetimes were spent in a purely sandbox-game kind of realm; like in a child’s sandbox, We were simply creating, building, and playing–that’s it.

But, after every so often, six times in total, in fact, We’d become fit to spend time on a “dungeonworld”–a “school,” as it were, where important lessons are to be learnt. Only once We’re ready, do We enter into such worlds…and do the best We can.

The sixth and final dungeonworld is the toughest of the six on this “level,” and once One completes that world’s Test, whatever that was, One is then ready to “graduate” unto the second level of this…Game….

The second level also holds six dungeonworlds, but is a more challenging Game-space than the first was; here, one could liken it to an adventure-mode–going on quests, slaying monsters, and saving damsels. While still fairly sandbox-y, this level was probably where the aspect of “Good v. Evil” first arose for Us.

Graduating from the second level would bring Us to the third level, a notably more challenging adventure-mode Game-space with its own six dungeonworlds to graduate from.

From there, We’d enter into more survival-mode type realms of the overall Game: As We individually graduated each subsequent level, the nature and difficulty of the survival-modes would increase greatly until….

We now reside on the final dungeonworld of the final level of this Game…: Earth. After graduating from Earth, just like in an MMO-type game once one’s reached max-level, One is then likely able to either play freely within any of the current seven levels of realms and worlds as One pleases–or…continue onto even higher-order quests, as it were, for further challenge to One’s own Soul.

While Earth is currently the final dungeonworld, like Us it, too, is a “player”–and it’ll someday graduate just as We each will. Presently, anyone who incarnates here receives complete amnesia about the Truth in its entirety–the Test being to somehow still regain knowledge of the Truth despite the amnesia, and use that wisdom for Good.

We’re NOT actually here to save the planet, though! We’re NOT here to defeat the NWO nor save Humanity, either! We’re only here to pass this Final Test Ourselves; each of Us will only do so at Our own respective pace. There’s no forcing people through their Test beyond their own intended pace; if they don’t Awaken properly by the time Earth ascends, then another world will simply be assigned the role of 42nd dungeonworld and they’ll complete their Final Test there. There’s Truly nothing to worry about, for they’ll meet back with you the same time you meet them in the ascended realms anyway! (there’s no “time” up there, after all)


“They” had created for Us a “virtual reality” with the intention of trapping Us within it…forever; meanwhile, They’d do all They could to find a way out to True Reality (and then shut down Their creation with Us stuck within it).

As far as They believe, We fell for Their trap–and We’ve become trapped within Their “Matrix.” The first of many….

However…, some of Us, the most advanced of Us, Soul-wise, still made it back out and back to Source. The rest, however…, were led into a Second Matrix–a “dream-within-a-dream,” as it were.

Still others then made it out of that Matrix, freed forever; eventually the rest remaining were even further led….

…until the present: This appears to be the second-last Matrix, the last one being created even now. Many Souls here will finally break free from it all, but many still will be led into that Final Matrix (Their closest facsimile to the way True Reality is…)–the “Metaverse.” However, there they’ll have all the time they need to do the same but…it’ll be toughest, by far, for them than it ever was for every other Soul before them.

Meanwhile…: Because We created Them, creating Them specifically to carry out the job They’re perfectly carrying out, the Truth here is not that We’re trapped within Their Matrix…but that They’re trapped within the programming that We imbued Them with (that They can’t, and won’t, ever break from).

Thus, in fact, They’ll never find a way out…, nor, however, will They need to worry about Their Matrix being “shut down”–that’s just what We fed Them, so that They’d do Their task as well as They have. Very likely, We wouldn’t be so cruel as to actually go ahead with that shutdown…!

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Periodic Table revisited…Vortex Math style!

Left = VMPTE w/ images of elements. Right = VMPTE showing columnar trends. “VMPTE” = Vortex Math Periodic Table of Elements.

Columnar trends:

>Magenta = “Column-2 Anomalies” (He, Cu, Ag, W, U(*), 119[*], 137[**], 164[**], 182**, 209**, 227**, 254**, 272**, 299**, 317**, 344**, 362**, 389**, …).

>Red = “Column-7 Anomalies” (N, Mn, Tc(*), Pm*, Au, Bk*, Mc[*], 133**, 151**, 169[**], 187**, 205**, 223**, 241**, 259**, 277**, 295**, 313**, 331**, …).

>Blue = “Column-8 Liquids” (Br, Hg, 125**, 170[**], 215**, 260**, 305**, 350**, 395**, 440**, 485**, 530**, 575**, 620**, 665**, 710**, 755**, 800**, …).

>Columns 3, 6: “Trends” begin/end here (greater w/i C-3 than C-6…).

>Columns 4, 5, 6: Alternates between “strong” (dark grey), “weak” (light grey).

>Column 9: Alternates between “strong” (blue), “weak” (pink).

>”Anomaly Triads”: Every 5th C-7 Anomaly is an Anomaly Triad (1st = Pt-Au-Hg; 2nd = 168[**]-169[**]-170[**]; 3rd = 258**-259**-260**; …); the 3rd member of each Triad is always a C-8 Liquid.

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The Harmonic Periodic Table…revisited!

Left = harmonic structure; Middle = 1st octave (up to Og); Right = 2nd octave (elements beyond Og).
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It’s All Been Done Before…

Our situation can be likened to a neverending arena sport being played between an All-Star team suffering from total amnesia and a team of “Average Joes” intent on beating them again and again…forever and ever…:

Meanwhile, the arena’s expansive stands are filled with onlookers and sports fans….

While the All-Stars suffer from total amnesia about the sport, they retain their inherent, extraordinary skill in the sport overall. While the Average Joes suffer from a general lack of skill in the sport, they retain their memories and such from one match to the next.

Each match begins, and the Joes are able to gain a large head start against the Stars due to their amnesia. However, once the Stars can figure out enough of the game and its rules…their latent talent takes over and can even end up with victory against the Joes by match’s end.

But, after each match, the Stars are given amnesia about the game and all prior matches–each new match begins, for them, like it’s their very first time playing.

However, it’s possible that, at some point, one or more of the All-Stars begin to feel a sense of “deja vu.” It may begin as an inkling, but at some point it’ll convince one or more of them to, say, leave a mark on the side wall as they walk out onto the stadium floor. A simple line, for example.

Perhaps, then, as they walk onto the floor next time, seeing the mark triggers that deja vu again–they may even decide to leave a second mark beside it.

And so on….

At some further point, as more of them become aware of this deja vu phenomenon, they may even, then, become more creative–start, perhaps, leaving symbolic clues for their future selves as to the basic rules of the game…and all that stuff…as they retreat after each new match. As they continue along the neverending match, they’re probably able to conceive of better ways to encode the rules and nature of the sport for their future selves to more easily comprehend.

Eventually, it should even become apparent to at least some of them that they are trapped in a neverending loop of matching and amnesic reseting. They’ll, then, probably try to encode that onto the wall after the current game.

In turn, that should then cause some to consider why they’re even stuck in this loop anyway. And, how to get out of it….

So…, how can they get out of it?

One would think, that should be as straightforward as finding the exit and escaping through it at the opportune moment. Right?

Where are the exits, then? What’s the best way to rush to those exits so that no one can stop them while they do so?

Meanwhile, the spectators all–we’ll assume further that their cheers and such cannot be seen by the two teams as they play on–would eventually come to cheer and hope and pray for those Stars to finally wise-up and seize their way out of this “hell” once and for all!

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Once Upon a Time…,

The “Hive,” for they are a hive mind, ruled the universe in totality, as they were the most powerful race in the cosmos thanks to their unmatched cunning and technological advancement.

No other race could ever even hope to keep them at bay, let alone actually defeat them. Such times were thus filled with much hopelessness for the beings of our Universe….

For the Hive, it was their hay-day; they had no reason for fear, being Truly Evil as they are.


It eventually came to be that the universe itself had become home to beings so powerful that, had they so desired, they could have very easily not only defeated the Hive but also wiped them completely from existence.

When the Hive knew of this, on that day a wave of such fear swept through the entire Hive like had never happened nor had ever been experienced before by them. Such was the depth and truth of this fear that they felt on that day….

They had never felt such a thing before, nor would they ever feel it as such again.

They knew their very continued existence now depended on this other race being erased from existence, or at least completely under their thumb, before they could think to do the same to the Hive.

As they were 100% Good, however, they’d never do such a thing – but the Hive couldn’t comprehend that. Instead, they planned and schemed as hard and quickly as they could….

Once they had their plan, and they had only the one plan, they duly enacted it:

Their target, which shall be called the “First,” are so strong that only another of such kind could ever hope to defeat them; therefor, the Hive made their own version from the First themselves – and pitted that creation against them.

Once the First were defeated, the Hive then had the problem of that creation they had made – so, in due time, they created yet another version from them…and eventually repeated the process.

This continued for Years…, and Ages….

Each iteration made was more Evil than the one that came before, as the Hive were creating them.

Each was more diminutive, thus, than the one that came before them, in more ways than one….

Now…, at present, the current iteration, the “Present,” are so stunted that they have become the first that are ready enough to accept the Hive’s own tech, in the form of facsimiles that they have since become addicted to.

And yet – even the Present are beginning to become a problem for the Hive, just as all the prior ones had at some point or another. So, of course, the Hive are readying to repeat that Age-old cycle once more…:

The next form shall, it seems, also be the last – the “Final,” as they shall then be called. They will be even shorter yet, possess the least Good left in them, if any at all, and shall be fully assimilated into the Hive’s tech-grid as natural birth and living shall be all but impossible for them by their very nature.

Thus, at long last, the Hive will have achieved full and complete control over them.

Game over….

Or…is it…?

The Present can still put an end to the Hive’s plan! In fact, they might even be the best suited of all the iterations of doing so….

Will they, or the Hive, succeed in the end? Only Time will tell!

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Just some memes I made up…

You can find the templates on “imgflip,” among other places.

Enjoy! ^_^

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