The Ferguson conundrum solved by community security

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The Shocking Truth About Michael Brown and Ferguson Riots

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American Spring Night 2: Ferguson Militarized; NYC Lincoln Tunnel, Times Square Blocked; Minneapolis Mayhem; Cincinnati Shut Down

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How much you wanna bet…

…the verdict of the Grand Jury in Ferguson last night was released at 9:11 PM?
We know it was shortly after 9 PM last night, that they released the verdict, but no exact time yet.
But certainly an Illuminati symbolic significance is present in the timed release of the information, I’m sure..

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Protests Break out Across Ninety Cities as Thousands March in Anger

The Silent Soldier

November 25, 2014



Demonstrators angered by at the grand jury decision in the Darren Wilson case took to the streets in 90 cities from coast to coast Monday night, snarling traffic, chanting slogans condemning police and waving signs in support of slain black teen Michael Brown.

In New York City, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Boston and Chicago, thousands of people led marches screaming, ‘Hands up! Don’t shoot!’ that has become a rallying cry in protests over police killings across the country.

The protests around the country were largely peaceful, but several demonstrations were marred by foul-mouthed verbal attacks on police and arrests.


Shut down: A mass of demonstrators crossed from Manhattan to Brooklyn in the traffic lane, closing it to cars


New York: Protesters fill Times Square during Monday night’s march after the announcement of the grand jury decision not to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the fatal…

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Ferguson In Flames: The Morning After

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Zen Gardner: The Flagrantly Fabricated Ferguson Phenomenon

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RT – BREAKING: No indictment for Ferguson cop who killed Michael Brown

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RED ALERT: Obama Plotting Race Riots, Race War Attacks, Islamic Terror Attacks in Aftermath of Grand Jury Decision in Ferguson

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