Kevin Annett: Common Law Revocation Order overturns RCMP, Kinder-Morgan

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Special ITCCS-Common Law Announcement,
November 29, 2014

A special announcement from the Republic of Kanata and Common Law courts in Canada, describing how the RCMP and B.C. Supreme Court have bowed to the common law Revocation Order nullifying “crown” authority in the Kinder-Morgan environmental dispute in Vancouver.

The common law works: join our movement and reclaim our nation.

Issued 29 November, 2014 on liberated territory of the Republic of Kanata. ,

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Kauilapele's Blog

republic_of_kanata_button_1This may be of high interest to all those interest in watching/pursuing “sovereignty” issues. Certainly many in Hawai’i will be looking at this (and their process) as the Kingdom of Hawai’i operation is restored.


An End to the Crown: Republic of Kanata convenes

The Republic of Kanata – Live Free or Die

Special Pre-Convention Bulletin: November 1, 2014

In this Issue:

1. Secretary’s Pre-Convention Report and Regional Updates
2. The Draft Proclamation of Independence and Constitution
3. Local Work: Campaigns, Issues and the Training of Local Leaders


Pre-Convention Report
by Colin Sullivan
Secretary to the Provisional Council for the Republic of Kanata, Winnipeg

Fellow patriots,

Hundreds of new volunteers have flocked to our ranks in the past several months, and inspired by our vision of a liberated and sovereign nation, are being organized and trained within the six Districts of the Republic of Kanata. And many of these…

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Kevin Annett: Republic to be Proclaimed in Canada, January 1-4, 2015

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Posted on
October 22, 2014

A Special Communique from The Provisional Council of The Republic of Kanata (Winnipeg)

October 22, 2014


Dear fellow lovers of liberty,

A great awakening is shaking our nation, as more people realize that “Canada” and its criminal sponsors and their laws are null and void. This growing awareness about the need for a Republic of Kanata has swelled our membership to over three hundred men and women in every region of “Canada”. And to accommodate and prepare these members and their delegates, our Council has had to move the date of the Republic’s founding Constitutional Convention in Winnipeg to January 1-4, 2015.

Pre-Convention material will be mailed to all of you before then, including copies of the new draft Proclamation of Independence, and Kanata’s proposed Constitution.

Our new Republic is as strong and real as each of us make it. That’s why…

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RoK’s 1st Congress has been moved!

That is, according to this:
That would explain why nothing happened between June 15th to July 1st, as was seemingly originally planned.
The Congress is now on October 27 of this year, still in Winnipeg.
Maybe it will happen this time.

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RoK — Did it happen?

RoK’s first Congress was slated to happen yesterday…
Anyone out there in the Universe know if it actually happened or not?
RoK flag
Theoretically, now, (according to a post on ITCCS back in like March of this year..) on July 1, there is supposed to be some sort of referendum or something to happen..
Anyone in the know about RoK feel free to drop a comment, thanks.

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RoK still on?

RoK flag
The supposed 1st Congress in Winnipeg is five days away..
Is this meeting still happening, or what?
Below is some info regarding this potentially exciting new initiative that is the Republic of Kanata:

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!!!!! An Invitation to Participate in the Birth of a New Nation: The Republic of Kanata In Winnipeg, Manitoba commencing Monday, June 15, 2014

Didn’t realize that secession was being considered even in Canada. Interesting…

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Posted on January 25, 2014

“Our land and its wealth resides equally in the hands of all the people, and by such justice is the True Law honored and Liberty assured”

Canada is a rogue nation, created in genocide and conquest and sustained by crime and corruption. But this past year, its heads of state and church have been lawfully convicted of crimes against humanity, and under the Law of Nations, their authority has been nullified and disestablished. (see “Canada is Dissolved” Common Law Proclamation, below)

This revoking of the power of the so-called Crown of England and the government of Canada has given all Canadians the opportunity and obligation to create a new society based on justice and equality, and cleansed of a legacy of crime and foreign domination.

It is on this basis, and from out of the hopes and cries of both the living and…

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