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Everyone Needs To Hear This!

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Become Someone…

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Quote of the Week (222)

Building A Business Quotes Inspirational. QuotesGram

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Play the cards you’re dealt.

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Learn to see beyond your current situation.

Team Fearless…:

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When you’re ready to rise…

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The Boat…

Check out “Team Fearless” on YouTube, for more, similar, videos!

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Quote of the Week (213)

30 Quotes On Failure That Will Lead You To Success

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The time that is given to us…

Like Frodo in Lord of the Rings we are living in a time that we may wish had never come, yet will still have to find a way to stall the march of Darkness or else nobody will have a future.

So:  What do we do with the time we have left to do something with?  The likes of David Icke and Max Igan say that we probably have until the complete roll-out of the 5G/Smart-grid system to make our most meaningful changes to the World; afterwards, our ability to make even an iota of positive change will, if they are correct, become a whole lot harder.  If we do, indeed, have only two-to-four years (depending…) of a window left, then what can we do in that time to, at the very least, head-off the 5G deployment to at least buy us breathing room for even just another year or two?

To state the inconveniently obvious, we already know everything that we need to do to not only stall the full release of the 5G/Smart-grid system, and not only start rolling back the progression of tyranny that has occurred throughout the Western and Eastern worlds, but to completely annihilate the Dark Side entirely — without even firing a shot, or even fighting or protesting in any manner.  We already know the answers to our questions, but we are simply too afraid to do what we know we ought to do.

Me included.

The truth is — as we already know, deep inside — we will never see a better World, where we actually have a future worth living in, until we actually become that change for the better ourselves.  What keeps us from doing that is the fact that, in order to realize that change, we must first do away with the way we’ve been living our lives up to this point.  For some, it may require quitting one’s job and risking landing oneself and family on the streets in poverty; for others, it means causing one’s family and friends to disavow, ostracize, or even outright loathe them for the life-path they’re taking; still others will probably have to endure seemingly endless ridicule, or even outright hostility, for daring to live the way they should’ve been living all this time.

It is for these reasons that most, despite agreeing whole-heartedly with what people like David Icke and Max Igan have said to this very effect, will still continue on with their current way of life because their worst fear is to go ahead and change their lives only to end up forever in a state of poverty that they purposefully put themselves and their loved ones into, or even worse end up spending their lives in jail facing regular torture at the hands of the enemy — basically, have all their efforts end in sheer vain.

Most won’t dare make any steps towards such a change of life unless they can be assured 100% success, with not an iota of a chance of harm incurred upon themselves or their loved ones for it.  Because such an ideal is virtually impossible, we will continue to see a dismally slow progression towards the only viable future as we’ve been seeing this past decade.

At least, that’s the way it definitely seems to be going.

There’s a silver lining in the seemingly dark cloud that is our collective fear of acting on our intuitions’ telling us that we should be acting on.  Once enough of us completely comprehend this trump card of ours, then the realization of that better future becomes that much more feasible.  That is:  WE ARE THE POWER THAT DRIVES THE SYSTEM THAT IS OPPRESSING US.  All we need do to end this System of utter tyranny is to withdraw ourselves from it.  WE SHOULD BE GIVING THE FRUITS OF OUR LABOURS DIRECTLY TO ONE ANOTHER, INSTEAD OF SELLING OUR FRUITS TO THE SYSTEM WHICH THEN SELLS THOSE THINGS BACK TO US (AFTER TAKING A PIECE OF IT).  Therefore, we just need to start doing our “life’s work” and then offer the fruits of that work directly to our fellow Humans.

Whatever you can do to sell your fruits, whatever that may be, directly, only, to your fellow citizens, instead of using the “middle-man” that is the System, you can still make that crucial impact on the System, towards its ultimate collapse, and thereby take Humanity towards that future we need to take it to.  You don’t necessarily need to quit your job and risk poverty to do so, though, if you can, and if you’re working a job that directly upholds the System (like the police, or any government position), you probably should at least quit your job in exchange for a work that supports direct selling of goods with your neighbours and community.

So…, what DO we do with these few years of time we have left?  We do whatever we can to give directly to each other, leaving the System out of the process, towards a goal of living completely outside that System, will ultimately be enough!  Start small, and then slowly work yourself upwards from there.  Once enough of us truly realize this, and then end up living that realization, then the progression of the New World Order will be uprooted assuredly, and not only that but it’ll fall away without even a power vacuum being created in its wake because we will have come unto our power; we’ll have no need for rulers because we will rule over our own lives.  The Elites cannot “cut the head off” such a movement as such a movement has no “head” to begin with.

Start with what you can manage, towards such an end….  Then, slowly work up from there.  Perhaps, set the goal to have withdrawn enough from the System to be sufficient outside it by 2020.  The going here will still, probably, have some challenge to it, but realize that the alternative is to find yourself in a future where everyone will be far worse off than any brazen actions taken while we still have the freedom to do so.

As for me, I’m looking to start posting a document I’ve been trying to complete for over a year now — real soon.  It concerns the True nature of reality and it’d be a great help to me if those of you, who come by it, could “mirror” it on their own social-media pages so, perhaps, it can spread more than it otherwise would by me alone.

Maybe, some motivational videos to help us take the leap is also in order….  I think I’ll link similar videos on this blog in the weeks to come as well.

Right!  Let’s do this!  We’ll never know until we try!


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Quote of the Week (177)

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