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Jason A ~ July…

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Jason A strikes again!!

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May Jason A


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Jason A looks into the coming year or two…:

>>Watch This and Know Something Strange is Going On! (2016-2017)

>>This Video is Proof in 2016! (PROPHECY HAPPENING WORLDWIDE)

>>Are we being warned? Illuminati’s Great Deception (2016-2017)

>>The World in 2017: Prophecy Has Begun! (SHOCKING EVENTS)

>>The Truth May Scare You in 2016… (SHOCKING VIDEO)

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Ten Different Videos Show Evidence of Vast Military Build-Up Across America

tomfernandez28's Blog


Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 1.14.50 PM

Whatever one thinks about President Barack Obama’s upcoming Jade Helm 15 domestic military exercise, its size and scope cannot be discounted or ignored.

There are hundreds of videos on YouTube about the upcoming event, ranging from elected officials’ statements to homegrown raw footage of a vast military build-up across the south-western United States.  The operations are scheduled to take place between July 15 and September 15.

Speculation is rampant that Jade Helm 15 represents a pre-cursor to martial law, that it’s a false flag event, or that has Bibilical implications.

Ten videos below show that Jade Helm 15 is something about which all Americans should be aware, if nothing else.  I have neither heard of nor have seen such a build-up of military positioning within our borders in my lifetime.

And while the government continues to repeat the mantra that there is nothing with which to be concerned…

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Lisa Haven dump..

Read Before It’s Too Late Something Vile is Being Hidden From the Public Eye; A Must Know Secret..

Think Jade Helm’s Bad? Wait Till You Hear About This Police Force Made on the Heels of JadeHelm

What The Elite Don’t Want You To Know: One Man Holds a Patent That Will Heal Many…

CIA and DIA Documents on Noah’s Ark Found!! You Will Be Floored By What They Contain

NWO Elitist Makes Stunning Declaration “Powerful People Are Scared!” What Do They Know That…?

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Jason A news dump

>January 2015 news dump:

>December 2014 news dump:

>November/December 2014:

>November 2014 news dump:

**more at the Jason A channel!

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Larken Rose dump.

>Why NO Ruler can EVER do good:

>The fallacy of Rulership:

>The case for Anarchy:

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Dan Dicks Dump!

Press For Truth.
>Voice in the void:

>Canada at war with ISIS:

>Canada’s Libertarian Party:

>Decoding ISIS/ISIL:

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REPOST: Vladimir Putin exposes the NWO Part 1, 2, 3, 4. . . worth every single minute of your time. . . ~J

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Posted onbyJean

I have just been able to watch this through, and it was worth it to see some of the faces of the people in the audience, most notably Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton (I think), and best of all Senator Joseph Lieberman. (I’d like to send them each a case of toilet paper!) Putin told the whole world what has been going on, and I doubt he would have said anything if they didn’t have the situation well under control.

Because the American people are so poorly informed, I can see how as so many might watch this video and not know what to think. They have been taught over and over again to fear the Russians, to fear Putin, to fear just about everything. I can also see, for instance, how a video like this could be edited and become very misleading, and…

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