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Homemade Anti-Aging Serum — TheEricErbShow

via Homemade Anti-Aging Serum — TheEricErbShow

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Learn How This Family Grows 6,000 Lbs Of Food on Just 1/10th Acre

Source: Learn How This Family Grows 6,000 Lbs Of Food on Just 1/10th Acre

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How To Quickly Make A Survival Shelter When You’re Lost In The Wilderness


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By  Susan Patterson Off The Grid News

Often, your survival skills are tested when you are least prepared. If you are stranded in the wilderness with no proper camping equipment or supplies, the best you can do is turn to the surrounding nature for help.

Remember that in colder regions, it is hypothermia – not a lack of food — that kills stranded people before help arrives. Constructing a hut with found material is something you should attempt even before a real need arises, because it’s extremely important to make a warm shelter quickly before the sun sets.

Building a Debris Hut

When it finally occurs to you that you’ve lost your way and need a shelter, the first thing to do is take a deep breath and look around. A quick scan will reveal how much protection you may need to survive in the…

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How to build a Rodin Coil.

Video tutorial on the Rodin Coil, using mostly household items:


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Things You MUST DO if CPS Comes to Your House

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ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

Protesters in NYC were chanting for “Dead Cops”.  How smart is that, really?  There has and probably always will be a bad, stupid cop somewhere in the law enforcement system.  It isn’t unlike any other profession or sector of our society.   There are bad doctors, bad bankers, lawyers, it goes on and on; hell you may even have bad neighbors.  Those sexual child molester’s are living somewhere.   We don’t take to the streets to protest when a child is beaten to death and chant “Dead Perverts”.

If you or your son don’t want to be beaten or killed by a cop then use your head.   Here are some simple tips that seem to work:

1.  Don’t flash a gun around a cop real or a toy; it will keep you from being shot (don’t point your sandwich like it’s a gun either).

2. Don’t physically attack a…

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How To Listen To Your Soul & Improve Your Manifesting Ability

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How To Open Your 7 Chakras – As Explained In a Children’s Show

Managed to watch all the episodes of ‘Avatar’ online, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Hilarious, yet educational (spiritually).
Throw one thing out of balance, and most everything else becomes unbalanced as well…
Thanks for posting!

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How To Be A Good Little Citizen


Your rights are special privileges that the Government gives you, so shut the fuck up and keep watching the television and talk about nothing other than x factor.

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How To Use Your Smartphone in a Protest

Rise Up Times

Practical tips, rights, and apps

Hundreds of people gathering at town square in the morning have become thousands by the afternoon. The chanting from the protesters is only drowned out by the growl of police tanks rolling up a residential street. No Justice! No Peace! No Justice! No Peace! The police begin setting up barricades, pushing the crowd back with riot shields. To your left, a teenager picks up a baseball sized rock. He rears back for a pitch as if he was on a dusty mound in the ninth inning of a game too close to call. As you watch it leave his fingertips and tumble into the air, two smoke bombs land ten feet behind you. In the haze, the crowd lurches forward, pushing the barricade in a cacophony of coughs and cries. A…

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