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Illegal Cannabis Oil Cures Father’s Terminal Brain Cancer: He Will Continue Dosing

Source: Illegal Cannabis Oil Cures Father’s Terminal Brain Cancer: He Will Continue Dosing

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N. Korea says its wonder drug can cure Ebola, AIDS, MERS & SARS

Good luck getting that to sell…

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This New Breakthough Alzheimer’s Treatment Fully Restores Memory Function

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Press Release Announces World’s First Case of Cured Ebola

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Cure for Ebola Confirmed by Sierra Leone

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Federal Bureaucracy Stymies Ready-To-Go Ebola Detection & Treatment


How The Feds Block Ebola Cures

” We have technology to potentially control Ebola and other viral outbreaks today. But the federal bureaucracy refuses to catch up with 21st-century science.

  For example, diagnostic startup Nanobiosym has an iPhone-sized device that can accurately detect Ebola and other infectious diseases in less than an hour.

  Two other companies, Synthetic Genomics and Novartis, have the capacity to create synthetic vaccine viruses for influenza and other infectious diseases in only four days. Both firms can also share data about outbreaks instantaneously and make real-time, geographically specific diagnosis and vaccine production possible.

  These companies could start producing Ebola vaccine/treatments tomorrow — except that the Food and Drug Administration’s insistence on randomized studies and endless demands for more data means firms have to spend millions on paperwork instead of producing medicines.

  And for every small company drained by such tactics…

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