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‘Bioprinter’ creates bespoke lab-grown body parts for transplant

Source: ‘Bioprinter’ creates bespoke lab-grown body parts for transplant

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Thrive Movement – Free Energy, Open Source and 3D Printing

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Coming soon: 3D printable solar panels capable of powering… anything

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Welcome To The 21st Century: “If You Take My Gun , I Will Just Print Another”


3D Printed Ruger Pistol Demonstration By Buck O’ Fama

” An experimenter under the nom de plume of Buck O’ Fama has printed the receiver for the popular Ruger Charger pistol, and assembled a working pistol with it.   The video shows the test fire of the gun, which appears to work well.    It has always been legal to make your own firearms in the United States, if they are not prohibited weapons.   Pistols such as the Ruger have been ruled to be protected under the Second Amendment to the Constitution.   At the end of the video, the experimenter notes: “If you take my gun, I will just print another one
   The video was posted on July 4th, Independence Day, from somewhere in the State of Nevada.   It is interesting that in spite of the fact that the poster did nothing illegal, they felt compelled to…

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Healthcare & The State Of 3D Printing – An Infographic


Made To Order

” With all that we’ve read on new applications for 3D printing in medicine, it can be a challenge to know which breakthroughs are really worth noting. To sift through the noise, we chatted with physician and entrepreneur Dr. Daniel Kraft (who chairs the annual Exponential Medicine conference) about the state of 3D printing. Below is a round-up covering his views on the latest and greatest advances in 3D printing and their applications for healthcare: “

Worrell News

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