Matrix ~ the Anime.

I’m referring, here, about Caligula, a recently-released Anime that has a very Matrix-y feel to it.  This Anime, apparently, is based on a video game, which makes me wonder what that game is like when the Anime thus far is so freaking good.

The Caligula Effect Anime To Be Released

The Neo of Caligula is a boy named Ritsu Shikishima who’s a tad more questioning, more aware of things than your Average Joe.  After hearing a static-y noise that shouldn’t be there, he soon starts “seeing” things that shouldn’t be happening.  Whenever a Mu song plays, things start “glitching” and people in particular transfigure into these beasts that hunt those select few who can see the “real world” if only in part.

Mu is the Skynet-like AI entity that has attained self-awareness.  She created a virtual reality and placed everyone inside it without any of them realizing it.  However, “other” people, perhaps her creators, have seized control over her programming and are making her live the life of a popular idol whose songs comprise the veil that is responsible for the way most people behave in this VR world.  Ritsu soon stumbles upon a man, leader of a “resistance” who are working to “free” Mu from her programming prison.

Just as Mu’s songs serve as a passive means of “testing” who is able to raise their awareness and thereby potentially be able to fight against the ones responsible for this hack-of-sorts, I see Caligula itself as another example of a show capable of distinguishing those who merely watch Anime from those who are able to understand the deeper meanings held in such shows and thereby are prime candidates for “awake” individuals to recruit for the fight against the Powers That Be who are trying to plunge our World into Darkness.  Better that Light-workers reach out to these individuals before the Powers do, since I suspect that They’re releasing movies like TomorrowlandA Wrinkle in TimeAvengers:  Infinity War, and so on for the purpose of “screening” who is awake from those who aren’t — and, perhaps, trying to recruit the most shining specimens.

Those who are starting to see the glitches in the System are looking for answers, and someone to provide those answers for them, so unless they come upon a genuine Light-worker they may end up joining the wrong team by accident and by that point it may be too late for them.  We need those new recruits to know that they can help out in some way, even while remaining largely as they are now.  It’s the superposition of all Our efforts here that’ll eventually make a World of difference.

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