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“Shimoneta” and the importance of getting dirty.

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Shimoneta takes place in a future Japan where the State has outlawed all forms of indecency, to the point where most citizens don’t even know how babies are made.  This is all upheld strictly, via the use of Orwellian telescreen-like devices worn around everyone’s necks.  Law-breakers are swiftly dealt with by a kind of Thought Police force.  Enter Blue Snow, and her endless quest (with other thought criminal-type people) to upend the current paradigm in her city….

Through all the innuendos and euphemisms regarding sex and other “dirty” aspects, this Anime is, fundamentally (I think), about Freedom of Speech and what it really means to have this liberty in a truly free country.

As Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, injustice anywhere threatens justice everywhere.  Nowadays, Political Correctness prevents those not wanting to step outside the line from saying something they may feel needs saying if saying so happens to fall under “hate speech” — whether in part or in full.  Not being able to freely say something, or write it down, regardless of how verifiably hateful or uncouth it is, is one giant step towards tyranny.  Most, if not all, Western nations have already long since taken that step.

Taboo, the innocent-looking little sister to this, is a far smaller first step that allows that larger step to be taken far more easily.  If certain concepts cannot freely be expressed in public, or around children, then the means to eliminating Freedom of Speech becomes a walk in the park since it can be seized from us in the name of taboo and greater civility.  It won’t do for an adult to say “fuck you” to a six year-old girl, but for the sake of Freedom of Speech it must always be allowed by society — the perpetrator cannot be punished for it.  Otherwise, be prepared to enter into another brutal tyranny, where you’re not allowed even to have a blog without the State’s say-so, sooner or later.

Don’t scoff…, it’s currently fixing to happen.

Of course, with real liberty comes real responsibility.  Just because you can say something doesn’t always mean you should.  That saying about sticks, stones, and words is true, but only for those who have learnt to protect themselves against hurtful words.  As someone who has done this, I can say personally that such an act is an art, of sorts, requiring years of practice not giving a shit what others say about you.  It’s not something everyone, not even the majority, can master.  That said, just because the Average Joe is largely unable to harden their heart to name-calling and what-not doesn’t mean these Joe’s can force those of us who hold great importance to our Freedom of Speech to just give that right up for them.  There’s a workable remedy to this apparent conundrum:  Use your own Freedom of Speech to return to a given bully or mad-man the verbal barrage they tried to foist upon a given hapless victim.  The bullying stops, sooner than later, and individual liberties are upheld.  Everyone wins!

As much as President Trump is just another mask on the same face that wore Obama and Bush before him, at least his willingness to say whatever comes to his mind at the time is honourable to this end.  It’s his only good selling point, though, as far as I see (but still…).

More Trump’s, and more George Carlin’s, are welcome:  Enough people saying what they want to say may be one viable path towards reversing the ever-marching agenda of the Powers that Be right now.  Peacefully overloading the System, somehow, is what’s needed here, and already Shimoneta has provided a very doable, comedic solution for us.



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Song of the Week (197)

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Quote of the Week (197)

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The True reason for #MeToo?

Amid all the turds being flung about for the sake of #MeToo, this man, I think, gets down to the truth of the matter…:

Makes sense to me, anyway….

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Song of the Week (196)

“Andrew’s Song” by End of Silence..

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Quote of the Week (196)

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Song of the Week (195)

“Break Through This Wall” by All Good Things:

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Quote of the Week (195)

Sora from “NGNL” has so many great quotes….

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Song of the Week (194)

Sabaton — Aces in Exile.

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Quote of the Week (194)

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