Who else noticed this about Sailor Moon?

As girly and feminist as Sailor Moon tends to be, I still ended up re-watching a portion of the series recently and noticed something very interesting regarding the opposition the girls have to face each episode…:

These adversaries behave an awful lot like the way David Icke describes the reptilian-like beings he’s talked about for over a decade now, that are based on descriptions made by indigenous elders like Credo Mutwa and ancient accounts like those made by the Gnostics.  These adversaries also make use of a lot of familiar systems and institutions to facilitate their agenda on Earth.

Jadeite in particular, who’s the first opponent Sailor Moon and allies must try to defeat, is always using big, flashy buildings and advertising to draw thousands of people to him where he then uses a demon to suck out the life-force of his unwitting customers.  Sounds a whole lot like what happens in real life, in certain places, doesn’t it?  Not only that, but Jadeite’s successor employed a “modus operandi” that is very reminiscent of how certain celebrities “train-wreck” themselves over time — Justin Bieber and Paris Hilton are two such examples.

Perhaps the creators of Sailor Moon were subtly hinting to us at something here…?


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