5 Ways You Can Actually Change The World Instead Of Just Talking About It

Source: 5 Ways You Can Actually Change The World Instead Of Just Talking About It

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7 thoughts on “5 Ways You Can Actually Change The World Instead Of Just Talking About It

  1. I suppose if everybody did all those things it might help. I don’t know how much it would help, but some. I already do most of those things.
    I still think the BEST thing people could do to change the world for the better is to stop having so many kids.
    The next best thing would be to wake up to the FACT that they all own themselves and STOP paying any attention to the so-called ‘authorities’ who are only out for themselves and usually (almost always) destroy the rest of us while they’re at it.

    • Agreed; although I’d personally say your second point is far more important — the Earth can support 7 billion people easily, but it cannot support the few thousand or so tyrants, rulers, and power-elites of the World that hoard much of Earth’s resources. If people could be convinced into living a voluntaryist or agorist/anarchist lifestyle, then much of the World’s ‘problems’ could more easily be alleviated, I think.

      • yes, I agree, a lot of our problems are caused by people who just can’t seem to mind their own business!
        I would still like to see the world less stressed from human population. We destroy everything else only so MORE people can survive? WHY? Let some of the other species have some place to live and enjoy too. I also think people NEED some kind of frontiers, some open, free, wild space, that is getting awful hard to find with 7 billion and predicted 9 billion soon enough. 😦

      • If we eliminate people’s need to serve the hierarchy that’s destroying their lives, then practically all the problems people like you and I see happening could go away almost overnight.
        With our wealth in our hands, instead of in a handful of greedy overlords, we could easily build von Braun-style spaceships that could house perhaps half the current population, and all the zero-emission, free-energy technologies that already exist and are proven to work could finally be promoted to the fullest extent.
        Everyone, on the deepest level, already knows what to do to solve all humanity’s problems (and not what we’re told through media are the solutions), but we’re all too afraid to simply do it — taking responsibility for one’s life and becoming an anarchist/agorist is too much work and too scary for most.

      • I agree, we would most definitely be 100% better off, but like you said, most people are not going to do it. 😦
        I have to admit, I have a hard enough time taking care of myself! Even tho I would love to become more independent, it just seems like too much work most of the time. 😦

      • It’s difficult, indeed!
        I wonder how many people are like me, waiting around for the collapse of society so that, what feels like a very difficult transition to living a more stress-free, enjoyable life right now, could more easily be made once all social pressures have flown out the window.
        On the other hand, I think such a collapse won’t ever happen for exactly that reason — the Powers that Be need everyone on-board for their plans to work-out in the end.

      • I think some people are waiting around for the collapse, just so they can feel justified in all their preparations.
        I am not really any kind of prepper. I think if/when it does collapse (and I am pretty sure it has to- soon) then I am just going to be shit out of luck, just like all the people who don’t know/care about the situation. Just because I don’t really think there is much I can possibly do to help. I mean really, if the entire system collapses, even if just the monetary system collapses, what am I, a single person living alone, going to be able to do? Even if I have a huge stash of guns and/or gold, the mob will easily be able to overcome. If I grow a garden, same thing. So, I do what little I can justify spending my time on (plants that will tend themselves, little bit of water/food/etc) and try not to get too upset about it. And try to get others to WAKE UP, since the more that can do that, the better off we all are.
        You don’t think the ‘powers that be’ are out to suck us all dry? and/or kill off a few billion of us ‘useless eaters”?

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