Why Doomsday’s Aren’t Worth the Grain of Salt that Must Be Taken with Them.

The supposed September doomsday event came and went like all the others — absolutely jack-all happened.  Maybe stocks fell by a point or two, but that was about it.

What follows is my own analysis of the matter of prophecies, and why some bad things seem never to happen while others do:

>It appears to me that all the prophetic-type events that are heavily publicized and/or analyzed never seem to actually take place, or at least nothing that was expected to happen takes place on the specified date.  This may be due to one or both of two things: the date was a hoax and nothing was meant to happen on that date, or something was actually planned for that date but a sufficient awareness/action of some kind within Humanity that resulted in its delay/postponement/eradication.

>It also appears to me that a lot of the bad stuff that happens in the World occurs when we all have least expected it.  It was almost never heard about by anyone, and therefor I think that is why such instances seem to occur so often — our least expecting it means our not being able to take actions against it.  Thus, I think that any doomsday we receive is going to come to us slowly and in small increments (exactly as it is currently coming to us, and has been for decades), any bad things will come as out-of-the-blue occurrences we won’t be able to stop.

Just like 2012, I suspect that something DID happen on September 24 of this year, but, again, not anything that we’d all been anticipating to happen.  2012 saw an unprecedented awakening that forced the NWO to be postponed for at least another four years, maybe more.  What will Sept. 24 be ultimately known to us by?

We’ll have to wait and see…

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