Proof Agorist practices actually work:

Rojava — a smattering of autonomous states on the northern border of Syria that runs almost exactly as the Iroquois Confederation once did.  This fledgling state has absolutely ZERO help from the nations of the World, despite having existed for several years now, AND despite their being the ONLY FORCE ON EARTH ACTUALLY FIGHTING ISIS!  I kid you not.

Ubuntu — a growing movement taking place in South Africa based (roughly) on Agorism.  It means ‘Humanity (as a single, indivisible whole)’, and it has also been going on for many years — with ZERO outside help — with much success.  It’s also a running political party in South Africa!

Galt’s Gulch — a stretch of land in Chile, that has been side-railed but not completely abandoned.  The name is taken from Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, and is meant as a place where Libertarian and Free-market ideals can flourish.

And, of course…:

The Free State Project — an experiment taking place in the state of New Hampshire.  Home to the yearly Agorist extravaganza known as ‘PorcFest’!  Here, there is no government, no police, no laws, … and NO VIOLENCE, CHAOS, NOR STRIFE OF ANY KIND.  Something modern nations can only dream of, nowadays — it seems!

So there you have it!  Proof Agorism/Anarchism/Voluntaryism actually works, and that it’s actually the GOVERNMENTS of the World that are terrible!

Cheers!  🙂

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