Ten Different Videos Show Evidence of Vast Military Build-Up Across America

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Whatever one thinks about President Barack Obama’s upcoming Jade Helm 15 domestic military exercise, its size and scope cannot be discounted or ignored.

There are hundreds of videos on YouTube about the upcoming event, ranging from elected officials’ statements to homegrown raw footage of a vast military build-up across the south-western United States.  The operations are scheduled to take place between July 15 and September 15.

Speculation is rampant that Jade Helm 15 represents a pre-cursor to martial law, that it’s a false flag event, or that has Bibilical implications.

Ten videos below show that Jade Helm 15 is something about which all Americans should be aware, if nothing else.  I have neither heard of nor have seen such a build-up of military positioning within our borders in my lifetime.

And while the government continues to repeat the mantra that there is nothing with which to be concerned…

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2 thoughts on “Ten Different Videos Show Evidence of Vast Military Build-Up Across America

  1. There really is an increased military presence and a lot of exercises going on. I sometimes quip about how science fiction seems to have come to life, because black helipcopters are a real thing, our planes look like UFO’s, and Men in Black run around talking on funny looking cell phones. It can feel a bit surreal. I’ve always lived in the midst of the military, but they kept a low profile and we never really thought much about them. Now their presence is unmistakable. I really hope we aren’t gearing up for war and I certainly hope to avoid martial law 😉

    • I hope we can avoid those things, too. On the other hand, what else could they be planning with all these vehicles and exercises, the way they’re doing so?

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