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Unfortunately, like many people it seems, I became aware of the true nature of the System we take part in — basically like being a dolphin or sea lion at Seaworld being made to jump through hoops by their trainer for the pleasure of an audience — while I was trudging through it in University.
“Go to Uni” they said, “it’ll all work out for you” they said… My thoughts exactly… Unfortunately, once one realizes this; unless they get fortunate in their circumstances; I’ve found it real difficult to then get to the point where you can actually exit the System enough to be able to live as you see fit, as best you can.
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You can spend so much time in life trying to make person after person see your vision for yourself, and convincing them why it’s worthwhile, or why its best. And it’s all a complete waste of time. Because in the end, if they never saw it from the beginning, then they never really truly do. It’s very hard to find people who believe in your dreams. Vision is just one of those unique things. Even if you achieve every goal you wanted, whatever else, if others didn’t see what you saw from the beginning, they’ll still chalk up whatever you achieve to some kind of fluke. And I speak from experience.

No one thought me quitting college more than halfway through before I finished my degree was a good idea. Not a single person. Even my girlfriend at the time had a hard time relating, because she was a valedictorian…

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