“Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.”

The movie Tomorrowland (which just came out on May 22), seems to be the most recent of a string of movies in the past couple years or so that have been delving to a degree into the possibility of an imminent ‘doomsday’ befalling Humanity on Earth — by Humanity’s ignorance, and/or by the will of some evildoer.

Other such movies that I can think of immediately are Kingsman: Secret ServiceJupiter Ascending, and Captain America: Winter Soldier.

This is on top of all the dystopic trilogies coming out — including Hunger GamesDivergent, and Maze Runner.

I think I sense some subliminal messaging going on here…


Tomorrowland spoilers to follow:

While in all the above movies, Good ends up victorious, I found Tomorrowland to be quite ‘unique’ in the sense that it seems to advocate a concept that’s rarely seen in great movies outside of Lord of the Rings/Hobbit.

That is, to quote J R R Tolkien, ‘even the smallest person can change the course of the future.

In this case, the ‘star of the show’ — the audacious teenaged girl pictured below — finds herself trying to ask the pertinent question, after sitting through a school-day of hearing about all the $#!+ going on in the world today, of “WHAT ON EARTH IS BEING DONE ABOUT IT?!”

Cary, NC — Tomorrowland comes from director Brad Bird ( The ...


My thoughts exactly…

In the movie, the apparent ‘reason’ why nobody seems to want to do anything is because of a machine that uses tachyons (particles that travel faster than light-speed) to allow users to ‘see’ into the future is being used by a man (who is played by the man who plays Dr. House) who has fostered a bleak outlook on Humanity.  He’s ‘seen’ what’s coming for Humanity — and that ‘future’ looks bleak as hell.  We collectively cause a global catastrophe, and our doomsday-mentality, because we have no power to stop it, will ensure the calamity comes as ‘foretold’.  A self-fulfilling prophecy on a global scale.

Enter the girl, pictured above (named ‘Casey’), who rightly deduces that we Humans ARE NOT powerless, but in fact that ANYONE can make the change that ultimately sets the whole World on a path towards peace and prosperity — SO LONG AS THEY BELIEVE FULLY THAT THEY CAN.  J R R Tolkien understood this, and it’s something that I feel needs more exposure to the light of day.

While we could certainly benefit from one or more ‘heroes’ to come onto the scene, with the power to set things right, what Casey (if she were real) and J R (if he were still alive), and what I’ve also come to realize, would say to that is to become the hero you’ve been waiting for your entire life.

If you’re the kind of person that would like to affect some REAL, positive change in this World, then I would hope you wouldn’t require a robot disguised as a ten-year-old girl, nor some high, benevolent power (like in Green Lantern or Guardians of the Galaxy) to ‘recruit’ you into a position where you CAN actually affect such change.

Tomorrowland’ inspiring and feminist, take your kids to this movie ...


Be the change that you wish to see in the world.


Change comes from within; do not seek it without.


Which brings me back to that ‘subliminal messaging’ thing…

When we first meet up with the character of George Clooney (a middle-aged man named ‘Frank’), we eventually happen upon his ‘doomsday device’ of-sorts.  It doesn’t cause the calamity, but it does predict it.

The ‘countdown clock’ reads a bit more than 59 days to doomsday, when we get a glimpse of it.  If it is assumed that that scene, where we first see this clock, is the present-day (ie, around May/June), then ~60 days = 2 months hence gives us sometime around July/August of this year.

Later on in the movie, we find that the clock merely counts-down to a particular time when, inexplicably, the tachyon-image of the future suddenly falls completely silent.  Then, according to Frank, an undetermined time later — perhaps a week, a month, or a year — the image re-materializes, except this time all chaos has ensued.

If we truly ARE dealing with a film industry that’s been heavily baptized into the occult; the deep occult; and that no doubt Disney is one of the main players therein, then what, if anything does that tell us about these insanely wealthy/powerful individuals who run these companies & the like?

Earlier this year, I posted about the likely slight possibility — but a possibility nonetheless — that something huge was going to happen on September 24 of this year.  This date, given the above, seems to fit quite well with a timeline wherein something terrible happens likely in August, and then the terrible aftermath of it is finally revealed around the September date.

But, since I’ve been dabbling in this kind of ‘prediction’ thing for a year now, and so far not a single one has come to fruition, I have high hopes that absolutely nothing will happen along this timeline this year, either.  Which is a good thing, indeed.


So… what exactly can we puny humans do in the face of such seeming daunting problems afflicting us in the World today?

>Global Warming/Climate Change:  There’s so many opinions, theories, and papers discussing whether this phenomenon is taking place or if humans are to blame, that I simply won’t get into it.  It ultimately matters not if humans are to blame or not, because there’s a ridiculously simple solution to that conundrum — eliminate our potential inputs into the ‘global warming’ equation for good, by replacing all the dirty, inefficient fossil fuel technologies with zero-emission and completely earth-friendly alternatives THAT EXIST AND ARE PROVEN TO WORK BETTER THAN THEIR FOSSIL-FUEL COUNTERPARTS RIGHT THIS VERY PRESENT.

The zero-emission, over-unity technologies built and perfected by Iranian engineer M T Keshe.  Russian engineer Evgeny Podkletnov’s two anti-gravity devices — the Anti-gravity device, and the Impulse device — that have EACH been built, tested, and PROVEN to work (HowStuffWorks even has a full section on their site about the more well-known Anti-gravity device).  The Searl Effect generator, which is another PROVEN zero-emission, over-unity device, and the Rodin coil (which is used to make generators over-unity).  Finally, HopeGirl’s QEG — Quantum Energy Generator — which is yet another TESTED PROVEN zero-emission, over-unity energy generator.

However, the wholesale introduction and use of the above technologies WILL ONLY HAPPEN if either the Powers That Be are somehow removed from power (requires a ‘hero’), OR We the People adopt these technologies out-right, and simply abandon all the tech’s of these Powers (empowers us to be the change we wish to have).

>Poverty & Famine:  I’ve covered this, too, in the past, where I’ve determined that not a single instance of poverty nor famine has ever occurred during an actual shortage in food, water, or other vital resources.  Not a single one.  Which means that, like the one above, this one, too, is easily solved — either the Powers That Be are removed from power (since they’re the ones causing the ‘shortages’), or We the People, who grow the food and comprise the labour, choose instead to direct all the fruits of our labours solely among ourselves by selling food exclusively door-to-door and to farmer’s markets, establishing exclusively mom-and-pop businesses for all our other needs in life.

>Over-population:  Intimately related to the one above…  I personally think the concept of ‘over-population’, or, “there’s too many people on this planet” is simply BS.  Like poverty, this one, I’m finding, is almost solely the fault of the Powers, who create such ‘problems’ on purpose to control us.  I firmly believe that the Earth RIGHT NOW can COMFORTABLY, easily, support the 7 billion of us currently living on it — WITHOUT any further need of stripping forest to create farmland or the like.  Once again, we have either to wait until a ‘hero’ disposes of the Powers, or until We collectively realize that We are the TRUE POWER in the World and to finally start wielding it.

>War, Terrorism, Tyranny:  This one can be so easily eliminated, PERMANENTLY, from the face of the Earth that it’s not even funny.  The late, great Carl Sagan said it best:



BUT, little-by-little, this change will come, as more and more people ‘wake-up’ and realize that they’ve held the ‘power’ all along, and then decide to actually wield it for Good.

Depending on your current state of awareness, you may already be aware of such a trend towards ‘people-power’ taking place and slowly-but-steadily gaining momentum.  If you’re one of those people who found themselves relating intimately with Casey from Tomorrowland, then take that first step towards reclaiming your true power and ask those who spend all day spouting calamity at you, “and what exactly is being done about it?!”

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4 thoughts on ““Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.”

  1. hoboduke

    Hollywood has to set up a range of priorities on the impending doom due to lethargy of USA. We are called upon to save the future of the universe from here because other countries are on vacation. Of course, it is a perky bright eyed clear headed teen ager that can see how to save the world. Does Hollywood place photogenic beauty as the only priority on saviors? I would not hop into George Clooney’s bath tub to be transported to another world.

    • As good as the film is, one must still remember that it IS a Hollywood/Disney creation. Therefor, one must always be wary of what you see on the screen.
      I realize that virtually everything those people make is propaganda in some form, but at the same time I like to pick out the little nougats of gold that hide here-and-there inside, and display it for the sake of argument and/or inspiration.

  2. fathercharlescoughlin

    You are really good! Thank you!

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