Conlang Troubles? Zompist Can Help!

Need to build a wordlist for your conlang (Constructed Language/Invented Language), but can only come up with a handful of words?  Fret not, for the wordlist generator known as “Gen” will spit out dozens of words that’ll fit your language paradigm in seconds!

In the ‘Categories’ section, you simply type into the box which symbol corresponds to which letters.

For Example, the default is:  C = ptkbdg, R = rl, V = ieaou…

In the ‘Syllable Types’ section, you simply use the defined symbols back in ‘Categories’ to define how your words shall be formed.

Again, the default in “Gen” is:  CV, V, CRV…

Lastly, once you’ve generated a sizeable wordlist, you can then, if you wish, look to the middle category, ‘Rewrite rules’, which can be used to create dialects and, if you do it enough, a fabricated tree of languages (if you don’t want that, then simply leave this category blank — the other two need to be filled in, though, for the thing to work).

Using the default once more, ki|či means that any word comtaining ‘ki’ in it will automatically be switched to ‘či’…

Now go forth and Conlang!!  🙂 🙂

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