Muslims Returning to UK from Islamic State “Highly Likely” to Launch Gas Attack on London Underground: “Avoid the yellow and green cloud” *(ATTACKS COMING TO AMERICA SOON, OBAMA WILL ALSO LET THEM BACK IN HERE.)*

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We know how the British will react, don’t we? More sharia, more bans on voices of freedom like mine and Spencers, more surrender. And they will get more jihad. It’s how they roll – the Brits have given up.

Isis militants ‘highly likely’ to launch chlorine gas attack on London Underground,” By Maria Khan, International Business Times, March 23, 2015

Peshmerga forces walk around the site of a bomb attack on a road between Mosul, Iraq in northern Iraq. Kurdish authorities in Iraq said they have evidence that the Islamic State (IS) used chlorine gas as a chemical weapon against peshmerga fighters.Getty Images

Islamic State (IS) militants returning to the UK could attack London Underground trains or football matches with chlorine gas, a chemical weapons expert has said.

Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, a retired head of chemical and biological weapons for the British Army and NATO, addressed the possibility…

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