Recently translated Iranian military textbook suggests nuclear EMP attack on United States power grid (America get ready they are coming for and you can thank Obama.)*

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Peaceful purposes.

If you only get your news from watching Obama speeches, you know Iran as the peace loving nation that doesn’t want anything to do with nuclear weapons because using them would be “against their religion.” With that in mind, you’re not worried about Obama’s plan to place them directly on the path to a nuke. Since they’re too pious to ever consider dropping the bomb, why not grant them access?

That’s ludicrous for a whole host of reasons but, nonetheless, it’s exactly the malarkey that the President and his allies have been spewing. Just for fun, let’s pretend they’re right. Iran won’t nuke anyone because that would be “naughty” and they’re nothing if not above board in their international dealings. 

Unfortunately for the President, if one of their recently translated military manuals is correct, they have ways around their pesky religious anxieties. According to the…

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