Missing Books of the Bible: The Esdras Apocalypse [Revelation] ‘The real ending of the Bible’

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3 thoughts on “Missing Books of the Bible: The Esdras Apocalypse [Revelation] ‘The real ending of the Bible’

  1. 0jr

    I dont’ use google ect so I couldnt post it on lissakr11humane.com but according to history.com there were 50 books originally.and about 7 of the 10 comanments were from the egyptian book of the dead.most if not all of the old testment was stolen and or rewritten by the jews from bascially pagan religions and the new testment was written by a jew called saul who changed his name to paul and was’nt even alive when the apostales lived ect. and actually murdered thousands of christians and like a jew saw that a buck was to be made by taking over leadership and getting fithly rich he became a money changer.also remember that there were 4 wise men kings that visited the birth that were not jews and christ was bapitzed and jews dont get baptized and he said jews are the spawn of satan

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