Aliens and Space Seeds

As an Ancient Astronaut Theorist, of sorts, this is right up my alley. I believe in God, in the same way I belive in Thor, and Horus, and Mithra, and Quetzalcoatl, and every other god ever worshipped by Mankind. I’ve looked into a great variety of religious mythologies, and my conclusion is that they all have a fundamental truth to them and that truth always seems to come back to one or more alien races that have been visiting Earth for millenia. That’s the only way I personally can reconcile how so many divergent faiths, that are always fighting amongst each other for the title of ‘one true faith’, yet also reconcile the great many instances in myths that seem uncannily like alien abduction and visitation.
In other words, I kind-of believe in the existence of every god that ever was worshipped by Man. I also believe that something, or someone, created the Universe (because of conservation of energy, of course!). There’s also all the spiritual teachings.. the chakras, which correspond to actual organs in the human body, and meditation/prayer, which has repeatedly been shown to have some noticeable affect, among other things. But that’s just what I’ve come to believe, after pouring through all the evidence I can get a hold of…
So.. call me ‘spiritual but not religious’, too — like Carl Sagan was.
And yes, this also means that I believe in the ‘directed panspermia’ thing, in a way, and of course I also believe in the existence of the Illuminati, who are controlled by reptilian/alien overlords (usually known as the Annunaki).
Anyway… Great article, IB!

See, there's this thing called biology...

A blogging friend sent me a link to this HuffnPuff article, Aliens May Have Sent Space Seeds to Create Life on Earth. It gave me a chuckle because I am forever quipping about our alien lizards overlords.

The idea of alien lizard overlords came about long ago in an internet discussion, where someone was declaring my faith in God to be unscientific and delusional….while at the same time attempting to sell the idea that alien lizard pod people came down to Earth, reproduced with our leaders, and have been wrecking havoc on us ever since. It’s as good an explanation as any, I suppose. There is a certain amount of comfort to be found in the idea that this is not really us as a species, that what we are witnessing about ourselves could actually be blamed on alien pollination.

Later alien lizard overlords morphed into bilderbergers and illuminati and…

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