Sandman and the predictive programming of ‘Sliders’

The MGTOW man Sandman discusses what we could expect if women ruled the World, as well as mentioning episodes from a show that aired twenty years ago called “Sliders” which ‘predicts’ Hillary Clinton as President and several other such happenings…

*Great video all round, for both MGTOW and Awakened among us!

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2 thoughts on “Sandman and the predictive programming of ‘Sliders’

  1. Hmm, lots of food for thought. I tend to believe we’re at the crisis point right now, so we don’t need to fear a future where it gets worse, because there won’t be any future. LOL, that doesn’t sound very reassuring, but what I mean is that a matriarchy always seems to have a built in self destruct button. Consider how we have a few crazy feminists running around and yet millions of women running out to buy tickets to 50 Shades this weekend. Bit of a war going on in the female psyche there đŸ˜‰

    • Agreed; although I tend to feel it’s not always about the matriarchy in itself, but more about the mindset — the collectivist, tyrannical mindset. THAT I think is where the automatic self-destruct is! đŸ™‚

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