VIDEO: ISIS Escapee Says: “ISIS Plans Attack More Brutal than 9/11”

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By Clark Holmes

Up to now, Congress has stopped short of authorizing any full-scale military force against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Approval has been given to train Syrian rebels.

Obama’s Proposal Plays Into ISIS Plans
But President Obama called for authorizing increasing military force against ISIS in his State of the Union address, which reinforces and validates ISIS’ desire to be perceived as a global threat and a concern to the U.S. that is greater than al-Qaeda.

Ahmad Rashidi was interviewed on Meet the Press where he described how he was captured and held for a month by ISIS when he went to Syria on a rescue mission.

He detailed that ISIS is ‘happy’ about the increased bombing of ISIS strongholds by the U.S. led coalition forces in northern Syria and northwestern Iraq.

Rashidi learned that ISIS goal is to be “better” than al-Qaeda. They intend…

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2 thoughts on “VIDEO: ISIS Escapee Says: “ISIS Plans Attack More Brutal than 9/11”

  1. thetruthisstrangerthanfiction

    wow, talk about a “plant”…. How long ago did this dude allegedly just come back from Syria/ISIS again? The dude claims he “hopped the fence” to ISIS territory, spent a month with ISIS, and at first is “captured” by them, but then ends up working as a doctor for them after “charming” them and convincing them he was “one of them, and then not only does he miraculously escape, but he comes back to the West without being immidiately thrown into some holding cell under suspicion of actually being a terrorist…..

    Sure. Sounds totally plausible… (!!)

    I guess tptb are really wanting to make sure they hype the next false flag so that we’re good and emotionally prepared for the “big event” that will try and trump even 9/11. I don’t doubt that they are totally working on it. They need one last big “final push” in order to justify a full-out declaration of martial law, etc…..

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