2015: The Year of Calamity?

I can’t have been the only conspiracy theorist that expected last year to be the year that all Hell broke loose.
But still quite a bit happened..:
>Ferguson happened, which is now being used to pit Whites against Blacks, and People against Police. This is a big step for the Cabal to bring about civil war in America.
>Ebola happened, which was only a trial run for the Cabal — as a tester for when they bring about the true pandemic on us.
>Nations began questioning the current monetary system, and started on a route to trying to return to gold-based economies. This could end up being a ploy by the Cabal to help justify their up-coming economic collapse (via a pendulum effect — make an economy so bad that it tempts nations into aborting it, thus giving the Cabal a perfect scapegoat for the collapse they have planned).
And remember that the Cabal are highly occult/’religious’ in mind, and that they practice the antithesis of the Abrahamic faiths. This means that one can expect much of the coming roll-out of their agendas to be very similar to what is described in the Bible, Torah, and Quran.
>The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse — What I’ve dubbed the ‘Four False Flags of the Apocalypse’. Divide-and-conquer tactics to get us fighting amongst ourselves; WWIII, including nuclear Armageddon and alien invasion; pandemics, droughts, economic collapse, and other forms of strife and ruin; all of which is meant to kill off a huge proportion of the human population as well as to bring in the Illuminati End-game Agenda.
>Probably expect a rapture sometime, once the Apocalypse is well underway. It will likely be a false rapture, though, and you probably will not want to be one of those chosen for such an event.
>In the end, though, no matter how hard the Cabal may try to prevent it, Light shall ultimately prevail over the Dark, and the surviving humans will come out of the Apocalypse a more evolved form a of human being than those that came into it. I expect the kinds of humans that will dominate the human population coming out of all this calamity will be the Anarchists (I talking the real Anarchy here, not the false Anarchy peddled by the Cabal), Voluntaryists, Libertarians (the PorcFest kind), and the nomads/hermits that mind their own business. From these groups I expect the long period of peace to be built, as it will have been a hard-won one.
What can one expect in 2015, if anything? Here’s my own thoughts:
>The First Horseman has already arrived — he arrived over a decade ago. 2015 will see his handing off the torch to the Second Horseman, as the First’s work here is very nearly done. I expect civil war, if it happens, to happen earlier than later in 2015.
>The Second Horseman has already shown himself, back in 2013 when Obama tried moving to war with Syria, and thus WWIII. It looks as if the final push for WWIII, and thus the actual active participation of the Second Horseman, will come about sometime in 2015 (probably before the passage of the blood moons of 2015 are come and gone).
>The Third Horseman has also already shown himself, with the Ebola scare of 2014. Although I don’t expect anymore that a pandemic will manifest this winter (it would put the Four Horsemen out of their order), I would instead expect the winter of 2015/2016 to be the time of the Zombie Apocalypse. I also expect more of the same old droughts and famines to continue, but only to get so much worse as 2015 progresses, and into 2016. I also expect the economic collapse to take place in 2015, perhaps more later than sooner, and they may even hold off the brunt of the event until 2016.
>The Fourth Horseman won’t fully materialize until well into WWIII, after all of the above has transpired and taken its full course. It is more the outcome of all of the above than an event, like the other three. If we should call it an event, though, it would be the full realization of the Illuminati agenda for total global domination and population reduction.
What we can do:
>First and Foremost — DO NOT PANIC! See the above events for what they are (false flags meant to make you as fearful as possible), and stand calm and unwavering in the face of them.
>Anyone who is in high places, who is good-of-heart and wants a future for their families, who has the ability to FTSU in anyway possible, should go ahead and do so. If you are one such person, and you are already secretly doing so (and I suspect there already are several), then definitely keep on doing what you’ve been doing.
>Spread pro-liberty, anti-tyranny memes online, through social media and other outlets. Start blogs, podcasts, or even talk radio shows, to a similar end. Help spread the documents and white-papers that are released on the internet, and help them go viral.
>In as many ways as you are able to, do not participate in the Cabal’s System. As much as you are able, do not buy their goods and services, grow your own food, make your own meals, home-school (or even hack-school) your children, buy from farmer’s markets, collect precious metals and other tangible goods for barter, and generally learn to be self-sufficient.
These are things most of us can do for starters…
As always…
Don't Panic!
(image: http://kezialubanszky.wordpress.com/tag/dont-panic/)

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