500,000 Year Old Engraving Rewrites View Of Human History


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A team of researchers from Leiden University in the Netherlands have discovered what appears to be the oldest known engraving in human history. The geometric marks were found on a fossilized mollusc shell that dates back approximately 500,000 years ago.

In colonial-era Indonesia, 166 freshwater muscle shells were found at Trinil, a common digging ground for paleontologists and anthropologists. The shells were found on the banks of the Bengawan Solo River, in the Ngawi regency of the East Java Province. It?s a well known spot given the fact that it?s the site that Dutch paleontologist Eugene Dubois discovered the famous ?Java Man,? the first early hominid remains to be found outside of Europe.

As reported in the Journal Nature, the team at Leiden University, led by Josephine Joordens used modern day technology to analyse the Trinil shells that were found at the site. Carbon dating of the sediment in…

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