Setting the Stage — the End is Nigh?

>The Ferguson verdict is set to come out sometime this week — and social media gossip seems to indicate riots would most likely happen regardless of how the verdict turns out.
And the State there is preparing for something huge — even teachers at schools gave their students extra homework over this past weekend..

Atlanta, Chicago, LA, New York could be primed to set off if huge riots do end up taking place in Ferguson (according to InfoWars..)
With criminal State elements egging the confrontations on there, it seems obvious that they may try to use it to set off a civil war — which the Cabal can then use to plunge America into martial law. Also, don’t expect it to be confined to America.. Expect similar riots to slowly leak out into the other Western nations in the months after America goes down.
>The Ebola scare is really only meant to ‘prod’ Westerners into getting vaccines, and likely even to enforce mandatory vaccinations (likely for depopulation and/or control purposes). In Africa, it seems to be meant as a racial cleansing agent..
Be assured that a pandemic-level event is going to arise sometime in the future, but Ebola isn’t it.
The answer is in all the pandemic-type movies and shows that have come out recently: A zombie apocalypse. The virus that will bring about the pandemic will likely start off as flu-like in its first stages, and then eventually turn into a rabies-type affliction, and lastly into a zombie-like phase before finally killing the infected (probably with an Ebola-like action).
Look for it… This winter’s a great time to have it come about.
>ISIS is likely to be the main puppet instigator of WWIII.. It’s obvious that the Cabal is trying to use it to take down Syria — which will bring Iran into the fray, which in turn will bring in Russia and possibly China.
Also, rumour has it that the Western mafias are planning to ‘re-invade’ the Ukraine, probably to take it over for good (to further bring Russia into war).
Further ‘prodding’ of Russia once war commences would then likely make the war nuclear as well…
>The economy is primed to collapse worldwide, but it won’t go down on its own — it will be forced, likely at the last second as the banksters try to hold out as long as they possibly can.
However they end up reigning it all in, what will come out of it shall be a global cashless currency that is stored on RFID chips implanted inside us.

The event would likely appear to be natural, and the banksters behind it will say it was due to all the nations and peoples rejecting the Petrodollar and opting instead for gold and other non-debt-based currencies.
Or it could be tied to China having the IMF check their gold vaults sometime next year, which would apparently throw the economy for a loop as it would suggest the US is lying about their own reserves if China’s gold supply checks out.
>Fake alien invasion?

On top of the four SHTF events above, this one is also expected to come about — just look at all the alien invasion movies and shows that have come out recently. Most of them show a malicious invading species, bent on conquering Earth and eliminating the humans on its surface.
As the video above mentions, it could be a false flag perpetrated by the Cabal, using their space tech (which they had since the 70’s) to cause havoc and blame it on benevolent races trying to help us get out of this mess.
The take-over of artificial intelligence (prevalent in recent robot-type movies and shows); the Cabal hopes to merge with the machines and become gods.
Vampires and werewolves? Why are these two things getting huge air-time in recent years? Probably coincidence?
>End-game: Depopulation.
According to the Georgia Guidestones, the human population of Earth needs to be at most 500,000,000. This means that ~99% of all humans alive right now need to die — according to the Cabal.
All these calamities, engineered by them, are ultimately meant to depopulate the globe of humans. There are better ways to reduce the surface population to that number (like going interstellar..), but only this option gives them the control and overlording that they crave to have.
Expect the beginnings of all this, I think, starting next year sometime, largely following the Biblical Revelations in its roll-out. It will be a long time of hardship, but ultimately good will prevail — they cannot win.
Don't Panic and Carry a Towel

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