Song of the Week (52)

‘Good People’ by Jack Johnson.

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4 thoughts on “Song of the Week (52)

  1. Reblogged this on Scratch Living and commented:
    I feel this song so much! Why should I watch or listen to something that makes me feel stressed and traumatized? What is going on in media is not entertainment to me. I can’t watch most TV, digital art, art, movies, news, or listen to most songs anymore. Too much violence coupled with sex and really loud noises that hurt my ears and heart. “Most, ” corporate media production and entertainment spew out really negative energy. I feel so much lighter, happier, positive, and productive now that I no longer let that stuff into my life. I do the same thing with people. You try to hand me your negativity, I will politely put it down and walk away.

    • Thanks for reblogging!
      Jack Johnson I notice is one of only a few bands left now who regularly write songs pertaining to the state of the world. The only other ones I can think of off-the-bat are Linkin Park, Nickelback, and Great Big Sea.
      I can’t watch most TV anymore, either. Even channels like Discovery and History, which once had a lot of good programming are now replaced largely by reality-type shows that aren’t worth watching.
      It sucks… The ‘Sunday Showcase’ on Discovery was something I always looked forward to, with its plethora of awesome documentaries, but now a good documentary on the channel is almost as rare as truth from a politician..

      • You are welcome. We’ve slowly weaned ourselves away from television over 20 years ago. We still watch good shows that we find entertaining and healthy. I don’t have a lot of favorite TV shows anymore. Most are gone, I’m not too sad about the decline of TV. I just watched a movie called Guardians of The Galaxy, it was good fun, had a great message, and broke a lot of movie rules. I’m going to do a writeup….My husband and I have always been bookworms, we read and we listen to a lot of talk radio. We spend a lot more time talking and listening to each other (so odd in todays culture)…hahaha ❤ Hobbies for me are great entertainment too. I'm going to post an article I found about native culture and living in a nomadic tent in Siberia rather than a warm comfy cozy home provided by the government with cheap TV and Vodka.

      • I watched Guardians of the Galaxy as well, and thoroughly enjoyed it.
        Indeed, actually doing face-to-face, person-to-person conversation and interaction is quite odd in today’s culture. People almost would rather communicate with each other via their devices, even if they’re all sitting in the same room.

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