An Overview of the Stage Being Set:

Well, none of the dates I tried to cull from the IMF video this past year have all come up blank. Nothing happened, thankfully. Either it’s yet to come, or the mentioning of such dates alongside (I hope) people secretly in high places doing the necessary things to foil the plans — or a bit of both.
We are very near the false flag event that will be used to start WWIII, if we look to history as a guide.
Alliances have been made..
World powers have militarized..
Tensions are building to a climax..
Alliance 1: The West — US (via DC) & its sphere of influence, UK (via square mile) & its Commonwealth sphere, Vatican + Israel and that sphere. Front-men for the ‘Council of Illuminati’.
Alliance 2: The East — Russia & BRICS + their sphere of influence. Once a part of the Western Cabal, they are now a Cabal of their own who wants to replace the West as a global superpower.
Alliance 3: Islamic terrorist groups… These are technically a part of the West, and are currently being supported by them. But they seem determined to break free at the opportune moment.
Alliance 4: Syria + Iran. The only remaining Muslim nations, and maybe the only two nations on Earth not under the control of any Cabal (particularly the West). Libya, Egypt, Iraq, and other victim nations of the War on Terror have since been targeted and dealt with (and turned to the West/Terrorists).
Alliance 5: North Korea. This nation’s just a rogue, with its own agendas…
Alliance 6: The Council of Illuminati (as the Romanian hacker Guccifer calls them). These are the true ‘bad guys’ in all this; they control the actions of the perceived ‘bad guys’ within the above alliances. In previous conflicts they’ve been silently pulling the strings unseen, but now they are known and in the open for good.
Alliance 7: We the People (those of us who are aware of the Game being played and want no part in it)… In past conflicts this group has been duped and brought along for the Illuminati ride, but now we are finally seeing where we fit and are trying to plot our own course in the world. We are the main target of the coming war (but not the only one).,1944.pdf
The False Flags of the Apocalypse:

>’Victory’ — Economic False Flag. According to an IMF video made this year, an economic false flag is set that will usher in the Cabal’s one-world cashless currency for their Brave New World. The currency will be held within RFID chips that can be controlled by them at their whims. If the subtle messaging in the IMF video is correct, then likely expect it to originate in Berlin, and perhaps also expect it to take the form of a banking system shut-down that lasts 72 hours.

>’War’ — Military False Flag. The US military is set to train the Kiev-controlled Ukraine in winter warfare against the eastern flanks of the country that want to secede. Also, the hacker Guccifer has released that a nuke false flag is set for Chicago in 2015 sometime. Syria is currently being bombarded by terrorist groups (funded by the West) as well as nations of the West (claiming to stifle the advances of those groups). Ukraine and Syria are meant to get at Russia, as Ukraine is on its doorstep and it has come out in defense of Iran (who has a mutual defense pact with Syria). ISIS operatives are currently stationed in some Mexican border towns with the US, and it is likely they will be the ones perpetrating the nuke attack that will help throw the US into civil war (the events in Ferguson will likely be the other part of the civil war trigger).
>’Pestilence’ — Biological False Flag. Media outlets in the US have agreed not to report any more Ebola cases in the US, and InfoWars has released that suspected Ebola patients are being disappeared. It is likely that this false flag will be used to force vaccinations upon everyone, so that the Cabal’s nanotech of control can be inserted into them. Meanwhile, as per the countless zombie movies and shows lately, a true pandemic can be expected that is related to rabies and turns people into temporary zombies.
>’Death’ — Demographic False Flag. The Depopulation Agenda of the Cabal… Depending on who one looks up, anywhere from 80% to 99% global human population reduction is stated by them in one way or another. They will need more than one cataclism to pull this off, according to their white papers, hence the four False Flags listed here. Each is meant to aid them in bringing about their New World Order (NWO) and extreme population reduction agendas.
Common themes in (Western) popular media nowadays:
>Alien Invasion (in the Cards for Cabal? Even though we’ve already been invaded..).
>Zombies (human-reducing biological weapon pandemic..).
>Vampires & Werewolves (Cabal? Related to ‘Monsters as Heroes’?).
>Global Pandemic (related to ‘Zombies’..).
>Total War & Post-apocalypse (WWIII and NWO..).
>Monsters as Heroes (psy-op? Meant to paint Cabal as saviours?).
>Sex, Drugs, & Rock-n-roll (good-old Sodomizing..).
>Police Dramas (police & crime training psy-ops..).
>Corrupt, Controlled West (psy-op. Revelation of the method..).
We may not be able to stop the coming calamities, but at least we know what to expect from the perpetrators of it.
It’s all laid out above. The key is not to fall in fear at the rolling out of the above things.
See the things for what they are, and prepare against them. If enough people in the world do this, then the best-laid plans of the Cabal could falter — even permanently.
They need our continued silence on the matter for them to succeed in all their objectives. But I think there’s enough awakened military, police, and citizens in the world to put a good dent in the agenda once it’s truly rolled out onto us. The Lindsay Graham nuke threat of last September was apparently actually attempted, but apparently got foiled by military personnel awake to the implications of the orders given to them. Perhaps that prompted the mass military purging of commanders in the following months since September of last year.
If those in high places with good consciences can keep up the good work in this regard, then maybe much of the terror to be had in store for us may not come to pass.
That would be good..
Don't Panic!

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