Finally taking my own test.

I’m referring to a guest post I did for OM; here:
I’m going to now see once and for all exactly how I measure up to it, at this present moment..
>Do you know some first-aid?
>Do you know how to hunt? Fish? Farm?
No to all
>Do you know how to garden?
>Do you own land?
Not yet
>Do you own a vehicle (not necessarily along with owning land), or know how to drive a standard?
I don’t yet own a vehicle, but I can drive a standard
>Do you have a bug-out bag of some sort?
Yes; sort of…
>Do you have a stock-pile of food and/or water?
Not personally, no
>Do you have a rain barrel?
Not personally, no
>Do you have some sort of training in wilderness survival?
>Do you know anything about natural medicines (ie, using plants and stuff to cure ailments)?
Very little
>Do you have a degree in engineering, geology, environment/outdoor-rec, or teaching?
I have enough education for geology and teaching, but no physical degree yet for either
>Do you have an apprenticeship degree in a skilled trade?
>Do you have a degree in medicine, of some kind?
>Do you own any gold and/or silver (not necessarily in the form of money)?
Yes, but not very much
>Do you write, or are you an artist?
Yes to both, but only as a hobby at this point
>Do you have any experience living on the streets, or living with very minimal resources?
Very little
>Do you have coins or other money stashed away somewhere, either for safe-keeping or as a hobby?
>Do you know how to make some useful things out of non-useful things?
I have some books on the matter, but otherwise not really..
>Do you have connections to trustworthy people in other cities and regions?
>Do you have cell phone and/or walky-talky?
I have a cell phone
>Do you have portable solar panels for recharging electronics?
>Do you know how to cook edible meals, using any number of available ingredients?
Not really..
>Do you have a close-nit group of friends and/or family that you regularly spend time with?
>Do you know how to navigate, using any number of helpful devices and/or natural cues?
Yes; sort of…
I am completely set with regards to six of the 24 questions.
I am somewhat set with regards to seven more of the 24 questions.
I am somewhat not set with regards to five more of the 24 questions.
I am completely not set with regards to the rest (6) of the questions.
6 + 7 vs 5 + 6 = 13 vs 11 — looks like I got just better than half towards being potentially able to survive a catastrophe.
Hmm… better than I thought, it appears.
To anyone new that ever comes by this, how do you compare? Worse or better?

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3 thoughts on “Finally taking my own test.

  1. I have been into Prepping for a few years and I can yes to maybe 20. Keep in mind that most or all of those “yes” answers are not complete or are an ever evolving and changing thing. The first year for example I had atleast 2-3 weeks of food for 2 people and thought that was great. Now I have a full month for 2 people 2 dogs and a cat and still growing.

  2. Reblogged this on Prepping for Dogs and Cats and commented:
    Take this test!

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