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Attempts of EU, Far-Right Opposition to Set Up Ukraine Government Collapse

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Obama’s ‘Voter ID’ Scam is Busted!

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Brit Scientists Create World’s First “Contagious” Airborne WiFi Virus


Computer Scientists Demonstrate ‘Contagious’ Airborne WiFi Virus

” British scientists have demonstrated a “contagious” airborne WiFi virus that can infect WiFi networks as efficiently as the common cold spreads between humans.

  Computer scientists at the University of Liverpool designed and simulated an attack by a virus they dubbed “Chameleon” and found not only could it spread quickly between homes and businesses but it was able to avoid detection and identify the points at which WiFi access is least protected by encryption and passwords, the university reported Tuesday.

  It behaved like an airborne virus, they said, moving across a WiFi network via Access Points that connect households and businesses to WiFi networks.”

UPI has more on this frightening development .

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Agenda 21 For Your Own Good: Global Health Security Initiative

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Wake up America: 13,000 MRAPs Patrolling US City Streets

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