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Deep Space Station 36 Construction Begins

Universe @ CSIRO

Base loading: 400 cubic metres of concrete form the foundations for Deep Space Station 36. Image: CDSCC Base loading: 400 cubic metres of concrete form the foundations for Deep Space Station 36. Image: CDSCC

Work on Deep Space Staion 35 continues apace for a completion date later this year. In the meantine, the serious business of getting its sister dish, Deep Space Station 36 (DSS36) off the ground really begins.

The levelling layers for the pedestal and rampway were poured in January and are now ready to take the next series of levels, the pedestal base, walls and entry ramp foundations. On Monday 17th February approximately 400 cubic metres of concrete were poured. Nearly 80 concrete trucks ferried the mixture onto the site over a 12 hour period. Each delivery having to be critically timed to allow for the pour to happen and the next ready before the first starts to set.

Contractors ensured that each pour was thoroughly intermixed with the previous layer so that no voids were created in…

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The Twelve Leadership Principles: A Summary

Improving Police





  1. Improve SYSTEMS and examine processes before blaming people
  2. Have a CUSTOMER orientation and focus toward employees and citizens.
  3. Believe that the best way to improve the quality of work or service is to ASK and LISTEN to employees who are doing the work.
  4. Be committed to the PROBLEM-SOLVING process; use it and let DATA, not emotions, drive decisions.


  1. Be a FACILITATOR and COACH. Develop an OPEN atmosphere that encourages providing and accepting FEEDBACK
  2. Encourage CREATIVITY through RISK-TAKING and be tolerant of honest MISTAKES.
  3. Avoid top-down, POWER-ORIENTED decision-making whenever possible.
  4. Manage on the BEHAVIOR of 95% of employees and not on the 5% who cause problems. Deal with the 5% PROMPTLY and FAIRLY.


  1. Believe in, foster and support TEAMWORK
  2. With teamwork, develop with employees agreed-upon GOALS and a PLAN to achieve them.
  3. Seek employees INPUT before you make key decisions.
  4. Strive to…

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15 Reasons Why Your Food Bill Is Going To Start SOARING

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