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A Roundup Of “The Day We Fight Back” News & Videos

Interesting that Drudge hasn’t reported on it yet.

Even Alex Jones never covered it to any extent until the day before yesterday.  There was even a demonstration planned in Austin TX.

Nothing really from WeAreChange, either.  Really odd.



    We are sorry to say that the videos below are all the reporting that we could locate on yesterday’s “The Day We Fight Back” protests . We had high hopes for constructing a comprehensive report on yesterday’s events but apparently this is about as comprehensive as we can get due to the near media blackout on news of the protests .

‘The Day We Fight Back’: Netizens rally against NSA in memory of Aaron Swartz

Published on Feb 11, 2014

” It’s been a year since his death but his mission hasn’t been forgotten. The organization co-founded by internet freedom fighter Aaron Swartz is leading a mass protest against the NSA’s indiscriminate surveillance in a campaign called: “The Day We Fight Back.”

For more details on the story, check out http://on.rt.com/ql1q2e

The Day We Fight Back – OccupyMN

Published on Feb 10, 2014

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People Who Think You Should Own Guns … And People Who Don’t

100% Agree.


 100 Percent FED Up







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