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…Against unlawful mass surveillance.

Join over 6000 companies and websites and even more people doing whatever they can on this day to protest the unconstitutional mass surveillance programs conducted by US agencies upon its own people, and around the world.

>Now also covered by Alex Jones:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvjqVIe9p1k

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Today Is “The Day We Fight Back”


Tech Companies And Activists Unite To Protest The NSA

” Get ready for another day of internet-wide activism. This is billed as “The Day We Fight Back,” with sites across the web joining a campaign to end mass surveillance programs from the National Security Agency.

  The campaign was organized by public advocacy groups such as Demand Progress, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the American Civil Liberties Union, and Fight for the Future, working alongside tech companies such as Reddit, Namecheap, and Tumblr. With the protest, activists hope to not only push public opinion even further against the NSA, but also defeat the FISA Improvements Act, a bill sponsored by California Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein. Demand Progress executive director David Segal says that although the bill is touted as reform legislation, it would actually codify many of the surveillance practices that activists oppose — practices that have received…

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The Day We Fight Back

Professional Troublemaker ®

The Day We Fight Back

Today is “The Day We Fight Back” against NSA mass spying — a day sponsored by a broad coalition including EFF, Demand Progress, ACLU, Reddit, Mozilla, Amnesty International and at least a dozen others. The goal: to flood the offices of Congress with e-mails and phone calls for a day with our demands: that our privacy, as guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment, be respected once again. To participate, click the banner above. It takes about 2 minutes.

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Today’s the day! Re: The Day We Fight Back A message from 6000 organizations/websites around the country

Rise Up Times

This is the single most impactful thing we can do right now to make sure that our communications are no longer subject to unconstitutional government spying.

ACLU ActionClick here to visit the coalition websiteBe part of the biggest day of action for NSA surveillance reform in HISTORY.
ACT NOWDear Friend,

In case you haven’t seen it yet all over the Internet— today’s the big day!

Today, we’re joining dozens of organizations and more than 6,000 websites in the biggest day of action for NSA surveillance reform this country has ever seen.

We’ve come a long way since Edward Snowden blew the lid on the incredible extent of the NSA’s dragnet surveillance program last year. And right now, good, bipartisan legislation that would rein it in—the USA FREEDOM Act— is sitting in Congress waiting to make it to the House and Senate floor.

But the bill won’t make it to the floor for a vote unless we convince key…

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National Guard Training Envisions Attack by Second-Amendment Supporters

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