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[VIDEO] Cuban Immigrant Manuel Martinez’s Challenge to Oregon Lawmakers: ‘Marxism is not Coming, Marxism is Here’

Indeed it is.

pundit from another planet

This isn’t the first time Manuel Martinez, a man who fled Communist Cuba has voiced his concern to Oregon lawmakers about gun control. And he always seems to make the news because his words are so powerful. He knows that once the government disarms the people it’s over and he plainly warns Oregon lawmakers that Marxism isn’t coming to America, it’s already here…

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Congress Set To Vote War-Starting Resolution MUST READ . . .make it viral! ~J

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Oh The Irony: “Moral Marchers” Must Have ID To March Against Voter ID Requirements


NC ‘Moral Marchers’ Must Have Photo IDs To Participate In Protest Against Voter ID Laws

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” Bused-in activists and professional agitators, including the NC NAACP are in Raleigh, North Carolina, today for the so-called “Moral March” – morality being defined as support for progressive causes such as abortion rights, and minimum wage hikes, and opposition to  “racist” voter ID requirements. 

    Problem is, one of the important do’s on the list of  Do’s and Don’ts for Marchers, is for them to bring a “driver’s license, passport or other valid photo id” to the march, and make sure they have their photo ID handy “at all times.” 

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Citizen Satirizes Proposed Local Firearms Ordinances

The man’s speech is full of win!


Ban All The Things: Man Perfectly Ridicules City Council’s Gun Control Meeting

Published on Feb 7, 2014

Ashland Oregon

” A citizen speaks to the City Council in opposition to a local “loaded carry” ban ordinance one of the Councilors has brought for consideration. No facts, figures, statistics, or other evidence of any existing problem has been presented by the sponsoring Councilor. She has however, made emotional pleas to “protect the children”, dropped the “Sandy Hook” tragedy as supporting gun regulation, and other such bullshit.

  She actually said “I know there are statistics out there but I didn’t look them up”. WTF

  Meanwhile, the Chief of Police has stated that the town has NEVER had an incident involving an open carrier. Hmmmmm no problem? Why an ordinance then? Oh yeah….to FEEL good.

  This citizen uses satire to point out the idiocy of the proposed ordinance.


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Why do dogs spin before they poop?

Have you ever wanted to know?


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