Breaking down the Nanny State.

Let’s walk through all the ways the Nanny State is a bad thing, and why its exact opposite is a good thing:

>We need a big, central government because anarchies are always violent and volatile.

Because that’s what you’ve been taught, and led to believe all your life…

From the State-run public school indoctrination to the inaccurate portrayals in Hollywood movies, you’ve been told that there must be a strong, centralized, governing body ruling over its people in order for peace to exist.  You’re told of ancient Egypt during the intermediate periods between dynasties, and of the barbarians that plagued ancient Rome as examples of why anarchy always leads to uncertainty, violence, and stagnation.

In fact, more than likely the opposite is true.  Big government has, more often than not, inevitably led to stagnation, oppression, genocide, and revolution.  Sure, they start out all fine and dandy, but that’s only so that you will hop onto their band-wagon.  The tyranny starts once they’re sure you’re all in.

Take the Romans, the Egyptians, the Persians, the Ottomans, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Nazis, the Soviets, and the Aztecs, just to name a select few.

In the 20th century alone, Marxist regimes have killed over 149 million people, wars have killed over 35 million people, and big governments in general have killed over 200 million people.  The US will soon need to be added to this list as well.

There’s not very many examples of anarchy to look at, besides perhaps small, isolated tribes in the Amazon  and the Congo, but there is an initiative that has taken root in the state of New Hampshire called the Free State Project.  For about a week, on an annual basis, PorcFest comes into town, and shows the world what anarchy truly looks like.

At PorcFest, all the supposed horrors of anarchy are practiced freely, and with a resulting safety and security that big governments can only dream of.

>People cannot be relied upon to do the proper thing for the benefit of society.

What are you, five?

And what makes you think the government knows what’s best for its people?

Because they said so?

Why can’t you yourself decide how best to live your life?

What happened in Greece (twice) and Cyprus is happening now in the U.S., thanks, in major part, to the new Obamacare that was passed before the October government shutdown.  The letting in of illegal immigrants and the Cloward and Piven strategy being unfurled are meant to bankrupt the nation and help usher in total tyranny.  See virtually any InfoWars episode made in the past two months…

Meanwhile, watch this video, which explains the truth about anarchy in a way I never could.

This “government knows best” mantra was common in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, and is now prevalent in Socialist North Korea, Communist China, and most recently Fascist Japan.  It has become common in many Western nations, too, in recent years — especially in the U.S.

China and North Korea control the media, and ‘disappear’ political dissidents — now consider what Western Mainstream Media does, and what happens when those who don’t like what’s happening in the Western world decide to make their thoughts public in the form of peaceful protest.

>We need gun laws, disarmament, and prohibition, in order to stop crime.


Switzerland is one of the last (if not the last) first-world nation on Earth where its people are free from gun control laws (relatively; compared to other first world countries).  Guess what its gun crime rates are?

How about:  so low that statistics on gun crimes aren’t even kept.

Meanwhile, in Chicago and Detroit

It turns out that there’s a well-known link between a defenseless people and crimes committed BY CRIMINALS WHO CARE NOT ABOUT WHAT THE LAW SAYS.

CRIMINALS will always find ways to attain weapons to commit their CRIMES, whereas gun control laws will only serve to disarm the people, preventing them (to a great extent) from defending themselves.  Sure, the police are allowed to keep their weapons, but what happens when the police are minutes away, when seconds matter?

Like in a school shooting?

Perhaps take it from the Swiss, that crime rates would go down tremendously if the people were allowed to walk the streets armed. Of course, train those who wish to own a firearm on how to use it, and have a certain level of procedure, like in Switzerland, for acquiring a firearm, but at the same time be sure to NOT arrest a man attempting to defend himself from a weapon-wielding maniac.

I think we’ve seen enough in recent history regarding prohibition and confiscation to know that neither serve to prevent crime in the slightest — far from it, they may even help increase crime rates.  This appears especially true with gun laws.

Counties in Nevada have shown us how legalizing prostitution is a good thing, whether you like it or not.  The ‘war on drugs‘ is  joke…

There’s a way for all sections of American society to live harmoniously, but it involves dividing America into the dozens of areas required to accommodate the wide variety of ways of life that have since taken hold.  For each group of people with congruent ideologies, there resides for them a ‘state’ — or something like it — where they can live out their lives without having to bother with those groups they don’t want to mingle with.  Instead of having a State lording over everyone, why not have the power to rule put into the hands of the people in their respective cities?  Something like the Wild West had?

>Rules and regulations need to be in place, otherwise chaos will ensue!

*not this again…*

Sure, a civilization needs some structure to it, if it ever hopes to be advanced and prosperous.  What we have in the Western world today is unbelievably over the top, though.

We need no traffic signs, lights, or anything like that to drive safely — in fact, it is likely the very presence of such things that creates the environment conducive to avoidable traffic accidents, as it would serve to put the drivers into ‘autopilot’, and not force them to actually take notice of their surroundings.

The Iroquois Confederacy was an amalgamation of six participating tribes of Iroquois, bound tenuously by mutual trade and defense agreements.  Rule took place at the personal level, and there was no police force or central government to keep them from going crazy.  The Iroquois were actually enormously successful because of their way of governing things.

In a system like this, those who are like-minded can come together and determine how they will structure themselves, as opposed to an all-powerful government telling everyone how to live, regardless of whether it’s congruent with their beliefs or not (which will inevitably lead to revolution, or tyranny — which ever comes first).

The Constitution of the United States is the best we’ve drafted so far, guaranteeing for everyone the freedom to say what they please, to come together as they please, to practice whatever beliefs they please, and to defend themselves from outside threats by any means necessary — so long as any actions do not take away from other people’s freedoms to do the same.  The Constitution also notes that these freedoms are unalienable, meaning people are inherently born with them, and can never be taken away.

Which is why it’s so important that you actively exercise those rights and freedoms, otherwise an oppressive regime can come in and make you believe that they can be taken away — while still making you believe your rights are secure, all the while secretly taking them away from you.

The events that took place these past 300 years should be ample enough proof that governments should never be trusted with ANY amount of power, because it can be guaranteed to use that power ultimately towards corrupt means.  It seems, at this point, that the only way we can have peace, to any extent, is to enact a form of anarchy where each little state of like-minded individuals has their own law codes and way of running things, and be sure not to bug their neighbours.

Or something like that…

But, of course, first we’ll need to (hopefully non-violently) reform the current system.

That is, if you’d like….

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